January 3rd, 2012

The Biggest Drawback to Being Ill

I went to bed at ~4am, because I was dreadfully tired, and didn't feel like pushing myself to stay up to do anything, because the only thing I wanted to do was play Ocarina of Time on my 3DS, and it was charging. Aside from waking up for a moment a few times after that, I slept straight through until 3pm, which makes me feel like I've squandered a good portion of my day, even though it was only two hours, and rather necessary, to give my body a chance to rest and recover. I do feel better than I did yesterday, for what it's worth - my nose is no longer swollen, and feels less plugged up - but more than anything, I would like to feel almost, if not completely better by Thursday, because I don't want all three of these days off to see me just moping around inside. Technically, that's not all I've been doing, because I did ask for a ride out to EB Games and Walmart yesterday, but I shouldn't have, because of certain things that happened as a result of going from outside, where it was nice and cool and comfortable, to inside, where my nose started to run really badly just as I went up to the checkout. Also, I need to just not go to Walmart in general, because I seem to spend far too much money there. The first time I went this Winter, it was ~$115, the second time it was ~$60, and the third, which was just last night, it was ~$70, even though I didn't buy anything unnecessary or frivolous, outside of two packages of C batteries that Trish needed. Not good at all, because now, even with the refund from that person on eBay, I'll only have about $10 to spend, plus $30 which I've had in my wallet since I've come home from Toronto.

In better news though, I was once again able to fix the external hard drive that I thought had been ruined by it being disconnected in the middle of copying files. Taking it downstairs and hooking it up to the computer there is what solved the problem, and now, I believe I will continue using the newer one anyway, because I've yet to have disconnection issues with the cord / extension cable, and I also like the way it goes into sleep mode after a period of inactivity. I do need to synchronize the contents of the two drives probably sometime before the end of the night, but more importantly than that, it's working again, which I am glad for. It makes me wonder what would've happened if I had a second computer on which to test the first external drive I bought back when I ran into problems with it. Not that I can remember anything that was on there that I haven't been able to replace since, but it might have made things easier than having to return it to Staples, and getting a completely new drive. One other thing that has me curious as well now is what I would need to do within the OS on my laptop right now to return it to the state which it is in when reinstalled on other computers, which allows the drive to be read. More simply put, performing a fresh reinstall of Windows 7 leaves the computer in what we'll call an untouched state. Plugging an external drive in changes that to an active state, and encountering problems with the external drive changes that once again to a nonworking state. Other computers which haven't previously had the drive connected to them are still in an untouched state, and, thanks to whatever forces have been on my side thus far, allow the drive to be recognized, thus putting Windows into an active state, so what would I need to do on my laptop to return it to an untouched state without completely reinstalling the OS? It has to be possible, but as yet, the answer eludes me.

Moving on again, I did call in sick to work yesterday, after almost convincing myself that I could suck it up (somewhat literally) and go in for my shift, only to go back on that when I realized that I couldn't go more than half an hour without having a sneezing fit, even having taken some medicine. I was expecting Melissa to answer the phone at first, but Mary did instead, and asked "You too?" when I told her that I wouldn't be able to make it in. Apparently she woke up feeling the same way that morning, so it was comforting to know I wasn't the only one feeling sick, but slightly irritating as well, because she felt the same way I did but was still at work, meanwhile I had taken the stance that I couldn't possibly bring myself to do anything other than stay at home. It's not a really big deal, because she didn't sound upset or anything, but I remember the days when I would've done the same thing - gone to work no matter how sick I was - and look back now, wondering what happened. Aside from those worries though, I spent most of the night playing Ocarina of Time 3D, working on sidequests for the most part. One big thing that I'd forgotten due to not having played the N64 version of the game in so long is how annoying fishing is. Catching the 10-pound fish as young link wasn't too difficult, but catching the (in my case) 20-pound fish as adult Link was a different story. I must've spent at least four hours (real time) either trying to lure the thing into biting, or fighting to bring it closer to the edge of the pond without it breaking loose. Eventually, it got to the point where instead of waiting an in-game day for the fish to return to its default, more accessible position (up near the surface of the pond, instead of down near the bottom in the middle), I completely exited and re-entered the pond, paying another 20 rupees as required each time, just to waste less time. I did eventually catch it, and have nearly everything else wrapped up now, aside from pieces of heart, gold skulltulas, and finding Farore's Wind, but looking back now, that was definitely a major influence on going to bed when I did.

It is now ~6pm though, which is an hour later than I started writing this, and I think I have something worthwhile in mind to do later tonight. I want to get out to go for a walk somewhere, and because I really enjoyed the sundae I made last night, I've decided that I'll go to Sobeys for a larger container of ice cream, and possibly one or two other snacks if I see anything that looks good. Lasagna casserole from Tim Hortons might be good as well, but unless I go there within the next couple hours (and I don't want to go to Sobeys before 10pm), they'll probably be all out. With that I am going back to playing Ocarina of Time though. I still have ~60 gold skulltulas to find...