February 27th, 2012

Waiting for an Answer

If all goes well, by the end of the day, I will have the information I need to determine whether or not any plans regarding going to Toronto again will be made for May. Dan said he would check with the superintendent of his apartment building today, to see about renting the party room again, but he is also currently offline, so for now, all I can do is wait, and think about what I would do assuming those plans work out. Cookies this time would be easier, and probably in greater quantity than before, since I would probably have more time (not to mention money) for baking, but then there are also other concerns about food that we talked about yesterday, and the day before that. I'm not sure which one it is, but either he can't afford to go out as much as we do when I'm there, or he doesn't like to see me spend so much money on fast food, but either way, he seemed rather serious about his suggestion to cook at home more often. When that first came up, I wanted nothing of it, because it sounded like he was outright telling me I couldn't buy food elsewhere there anymore, but with our discussion yesterday (most importantly, his saying "You can [go out] for food whenever you want. That's not [a] problem"), it seems more like he was suggesting that as a way of saving money, which I'm all for, aside from certain complications.

For one, I never developed a taste for vegetables. Broccoli soup is fine, as are mushrooms, while onion rings are relatively okay (but I ate more in the past week than in two or three years (if not more) prior), and I surprisingly was quite fine with eating a burger from some Korean place we all went to out in Sherway Gardens that had a bunch of sprouts over top of it, but aside from that, no. Secondly, I tend to eat only one full meal each day, without leftovers, and just snack otherwise, while the pot of chili he made on Tuesday, I think, had to have lasted for at least a couple more days. Third and final, to buy food at a grocery store would not only initially cost more, but also be less cost-effective, because with fast food, I order only what I'm going to eat, whereas with store-bought food, I might buy more than enough, and risk it going to waste. I would also add "risk not using it", but I didn't bring home a single bit of food this time. Before we left, I told Chris he was welcome to use anything that was left, because that way it won't go to waste, but at the same time, I'm not getting full, complete use from my money. That said, I still am up for trying to eat at home more often, moreso now that I know Food Basics (at least here in Chatham) has a fair selection of stuff that I could use to make food for myself, or both of us. It definitely will cost more, and might be more to carry home as well, but money is, to a degree, replenishible, and if ever the things I buy are too heavy to carry, I'll either take the bus home on my own, or pay for everybody.

In other news, not writing about these things last night was a bad idea. That, combined with the slight increase in temperature, made it very annoying and difficult to sleep. I dreamt that I was looking over the post Dan made on his forum for a possible eighth Islington meet, and found somebody telling me I should not spend the entire time behind the counter, and dreamt I was at St. Clair, taking my midterm exam, which I recall as being nothing more than a series of animated "find the difference" puzzles (animated, on paper, and I could circle the differences...), and a bonus Sudoku puzzle on the back. Mary was also in there somewhere, most likely in regards to work, because I've been thinking that if I do stop by there on the way home tonight, she, Tom, and Brandon will be working, but fortunately, that is all I can remember. I'm surprised I didn't dream about baking cookies, really, because before I fell asleep, I was also thinking that I want to make one or two batches of oatmeal cookies for Manoah and his family (but primarily his mom) as a tangible way of saying "Thanks for always giving me a ride home when I ask for one", because she did again last night, as I had another bag full of food, because Manoah decided he wanted to get something to eat from Pizza Tonite, and I asked him to get me an order of garlic bread with bacon, as it sounded good, and was inexpensive. Then I ended up having to pay for both my food and what he ordered (~$25, including tip, because I was trying to take an order at the same time, and $5 seemed reasonable), so he now owes me $15 (or $16.50), however, I told him to hold off on giving it to me for now, since it could better be put toward doing something with my hair, which he just shrugged to, which kind of put me off. I am still taking all of that very seriously, but it seems kind of like he doesn't feel the same way, and I want him to, because otherwise, it'll never happen.

I need to ask about getting a ride to St. Clair tonight though, and then if I can, I'll have ~1 hour to study, as our midterm is tonight. More than that though, I'm looking forward to getting my assignment back, to see what she (the teacher) meant by "very well". At least 70%, I hope~