March 3rd, 2012

One Easy, One Hard

I was frustrated by this last night, and it seems the same is true of today as well. Aside from an introduction and conclusion, the only part of my report left to write involves suggesting ways of helping people with Asperger syndrome or Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (hereafter referred to as AS and OCPD) to better manage their conditions. For example, in the case of kids with AS not learning object permanence (knowing that an object or objects are still "there" even when they are not directly in sight), one of the ideas I suggested was to give them a specially-colored box to keep important belongings in, which would always be kept in the same location of the room, so they would know to go there for it even if it was covered, and, on the off chance that it was moved, still know what to look for, because of the special color. Problem is, while I was able to think of what I feel are several good ideas for those kids, children with OCPD are significantly more difficult, to the point where I feel my strongest argument is largely a matter of opinion. Know that thing I have about wanting / needing to be aware of myself in relation to other people, so I can keep as many undesirable traits as possible to myself? That's exactly what I have partly written so far, but with a slightly different meaning. I say that kids with OCPD should be made aware of their condition, so they can know what actions and behaviors to look for in themselves, and thus be able to modulate those behaviors next time to a level that they are comfortable with. One of the criteria given on Wikipedia is "perfectionism that interferes with task completion", so if and when they notice that their desire to complete a given task perfectly is interfering with other things that they should be doing, they will have been given the ability to notice what they're doing, and therefore choose to stop, should they desire. I can also recommend the obvious way of solving the issue of "unreasonable insistence by the individual that others submit exactly to his or her way of doing things, or unreasonable reluctance to allow others to do things", but I haven't made it to that yet.

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Anyway, three large paragraphs and a small one will have to suffice for today, because in these remaining two hours, I want to at least finish the end of my report. Not to mention OmmWriter has become rather slow. Half of any word I type appears immediately, and the other half doesn't appear until a second later. Probably best to copy and paste this into the update page before the program crashes~