March 6th, 2012

And So It Begins

Let's go back to class tonight, or rather, just a little bit further, to a couple minutes before 6, where the teacher, one other person, and I were there. We were told that class would begin with us (the students) filling out surveys about the course in general, which I think went fine, but did lead to a thought that I'll write about in a moment. Following finishing those, which took a bit longer than expected, and me getting to go down to the Continuing Education office to drop them off, review of our midterm commenced. For the record, I got 60%. Still a passing grade, but poor, however, I did expect as much. Having gone through that tonight was kind of pointless, because as noted, there were only two of us there, when normally there are five, but we did anyway, so maybe the other three people won't have the benefit of knowing what the correct answers were. At any rate, after that, the actual lecture commenced, which was moderately different (at least for me) tonight, what with the small group. Before, I might have kept my mouth shut about any of the number of grammatical oddities or confusing phrasings in either the presentation, or teacher's dictation about the same, but tonight, I spoke up about a number of things. Her spelling and pronouncing it "Alztheimers", for example, or how about challenging her over explicitly saying that displacement is when one transfers frustrations and anger onto someone they deeply care for, instead of my rewriting of "when one transfers frustrations and anger onto another person, oftentimes someone they care deeply for". There was also her showing us a movie on Youtube of what was supposed to be an example of Obsessive-compulsive Personality Disorder (purely a coincidence), after which I pointed out that both the movie name and description referred to the depicted condition as "OCD", and not "OCPD", which she didn't seem angry at so much and kind of annoyed that I was missing the point, but while I don't want to keep going on about this, that is exactly how it is for me, and I hate the thought that it seems like I'm just trying to be a nuisance, when really I'm trying to say "This doesn't make sense to me, so I want to clarify". Meanwhile at the beginning of class she nearly came right out and asked us if we did poorly on the midterm because we didn't study enough, or because of something related to her teaching style. My response was the former, because I genuinely didn't, but that's where this observation that I mentioned back at the beginning of the paragraph comes in.

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As such, tonight's last topic will be hair. After looking at some pictures, I've found that what Manoah describes as "platinum blonde" is what I want, but might take anywhere from a week to a month to fully achieve, which is where I get concerned. If he only intends to give me a recommendation for where to go to have that done, then I'm fine with that, because it'll be up to me to coordinate schedules, but what about otherwise? Is it really practical for me to go over to his house, or have him come here, maybe more than once? The rule about potential complications increasing exponentially the more people are involved also applies, but for now, all I can do is figure out exactly what I would want tomorrow, and contact him to discuss it. Alternately, I could use the directions found online (corroborated by multiple sources offering the same general steps) to do it myself, but that would be a bit too risky, unless it's my only option, and I have real, pressing need to change the color of my hair. That's all I have the energy to write for tonight though, and OmmWriter is becoming disagreeable and lagged once again, so I'm off to bed, to sleep in. Circumstances permitting and all that, but at least I don't have an assignment and exam to worry about tonight~