May 29th, 2012

Better Start to the Day

For only the briefest of moments, I considered not going to bed when I first planned to last night, because just a moment before I laid down, I started to see random flashes of light outside, which, after a time, I realized were lightning. Thunder came shortly after that, followed by rain, and I thought it might be nice to stay awake and enjoy it, but I was tired and had a headache from once again waking up early yesterday, so I went to bed with thoughts in my mind about how I used to be afraid of lightning. As a kid, whenever there was a storm at night, I had to face toward my wall, and close my eyes as tight as possible until I fell asleep. Now? Now I just enjoy it. Sometimes it's a distraction, but the thunder was as well, but saying that reminds me of something that surfaced a couple days ago. A new fear, which I can only describe as being afraid of falling into what amounts to nothingness. The easiest example to give would be falling up into the sky (which would explain why that dream about the difficult Ballance level was disconcerting - the end was a matter of either falling into the goal, or missing it, and falling into nothingness), but it could also be applied to, say, something from Avernum 4 that I encountered just today. There was humorous text about how one would never have to worry about disposing of their garbage in Avernum, because there was always a bottomless pit nearby, but in both cases, I think it's a matter of the unknown, and the inevitability that, should I ever find myself falling into a bottomless hole, or up into the sky, if something happens to send me back the other way, I'm still screwed. To reverse directions in the middle of a fall like that would only mean that you go to falling in the other direction, and that would be fatal no matter which way you look at it.

That tangent aside though, my suspicions regarding work last night were largely confirmed by us being there until about 2:30 again. In my defense this time though, the dishes were caught up by about 1:45, and I spent the rest of the time on other cleaning up - the floor, for example - and helping Cheryl get some of her stuff done. So long as we get paid for being there until 2:30, that that happened is unremarkable, but I wonder how long it will be before Mary says something, or starts scheduling the dining room closer to stay until midnight. It's happening on a regular basis, so something has to change sooner or later, I would think. At least on the good side of things, I did go to 7-11 on the way home, and that was a nice treat, but I didn't enjoy it as much as I might have, due to having a headache. Work still did go well overall, but there was one thing Cheryl was going to do that is still on my mind. Somebody in the dining room had paid with a US $10 bill, but the person who took that money hadn't rung it in properly. When she noticed, Cheryl asked if she could ring it in on my till (asked in the sense that she wanted to obtain my permission), and I said yes, but pointed out that doing so would make the other till ten dollars short. No, she said. She would take a Canadian ten dollar bill from my till and put it in that one, to which I told her that would leave my till short instead. US currency, when properly rung in, appears as its own item when the till report is printed off. Therefore, by ringing it in on my till, and taking ten dollars of Canadian money to put in the other one, the report for mine would show that I was supposed to have $10 US, which I would, but I would be ten dollars short in non-US money, because that part of the transaction hadn't been accounted for. She could just switch the bills without ringing anything in, but then it would appear as if I didn't know how to accept US currency. In the end, I told her that no, she couldn't do that, because it would make my till short, but looking into it a bit further now, all that would be required is waiting for a customer to pay with a Canadian ten dollar bill, ring it in as US, put the US bill in my till, and give Cheryl the ten dollars Canadian to put in the other one. Then probably not give the receipt to the customer so they wouldn't accuse us of trickery. If I remember, and have time, I will try to explain that to her tomorrow, because I don't just want to leave it as me saying "No, you can't do that" without explaining why.

Aside from that, I briefly mentioned having too many games to play now in my previous entry. To elaborate on that, I was able to get Tomb Raider 4 working in Windows 7 after following the directions here, so there's that, along with Avernum 2, 3, 4, and 5, TrackMania 2, RollerCoaster Tycoon 1, 2, and 3, and, should I get bored with those for whatever reason, Super Mario Bros. 3 Challenge on my PSP. Furthermore, I am considering ordering a USB NES controller, or USB to NES controller adapter, with which to play Nintendo games on my laptop. The keyboard works, yes, as does the wired XBOX360 controller I still have, but the former isn't the same as a controller, and the D-pad on the latter feels kind of awkward. Chances are it would just be a novelty in the end, but I like playing games on Xion's Nintendo, using the actual controller, so it makes sense to want to get something to do that for when I'm not there. Speaking of which, plans for August are still somewhat tentative. I once again talked to Dan earlier, and he was close to deciding to have the furmeet on the 4th of August, but wants to give people an additional option of having it then, or on the 11th, so he's going to wait until June 5th to make a decision. Either date is still fine with me, although I would prefer the 11th, because I think we get paid on the 9th, but that's where those plans stand right now.

At any rate, I'm quite hungry now, and have decided that I'll wait until tomorrow to get more snacks, so I'm off to find something to eat. Probably just toast, but I noticed some quiche in the fridge yesterday night, and if it's still there, that would be better~