June 2nd, 2012

Another Void to Fill

It seems somewhat suspect that such a list doesn't exist already, but through unwittingly rushing ahead and rendering a quest in Avernum 4 impossible to complete, I had to find a list of the game's special (non-inventory) items. Searching Google for "avernum 4 special items list" didn't seem to turn up what I was after, and upon a cursory search of av4itemschars.txt for the same list in there, couldn't find what I was looking for either. Then, as the next logical step, I looked inside Avernum 4.exe with Reshacker. String tables #94 to #98 are item values and names, and, #101 to #104 are descriptions. All of the game's quests are in there too, but I don't want to try to include those without first sorting out which flags correspond to which quests, because as it is now, I have the values needed to close any quest in the game, but can't set the quest-specific flag to say that they're closed, so they'll still be open to the relevant character(s), and that would be untidy. Getting back to quest items though, I present the following list, and a short tutorial on how to use it:

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Item list aside, I've done it again. Woke up just before noon today, and yet I find myself here now, with not quite enough time to finish writing this entry. Work went pretty well yesterday though - Mary approved my request for time off without a moment's hesitation, and I started an hour early, because it was busy - so I'm hoping for the same tonight, then would have only a day shift to worry about tomorrow, before two days off, but Monday's schedule was reworked a couple days ago, ultimately leading to me having a 5-10 shift then, which is fine, because I still get Tuesday and Thursday off, with a single shift between the two, as usual. There are other things that bear mentioning too, but I'd rather save those for a better time, as I need to be off quite soon. Maybe I'll get to them after work tonight, but chances are I'll play Avernum 4 some more instead. Whatever the case, I'll just do what I like when I get home, and hope for another good night in the meantime. That's the best way to go about it~