June 6th, 2012

It's Coming to an End

For lack of anything else really worthwhile to say today, let's go over the log of the conversation Dan and I had last night, because I think things are nearing the point where I can get up and move on. The lingering thoughts are... how to say... in remission (I can still think about them, but any emotional reaction is absent, and they get automatically pushed out of my mind rather quickly), and it seems mutual understanding has been achieved as much as I can reasonably expect it to be.

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The only thing I feel bad about now is what I said right near the end: "Alright. Thanks for talking again, I will talk to you later, have a good sleep, and have fun tomorrow :3". I was trying to be clever, but looking back now, along with his response, it feels like I was being patronizing. I should've just said "Alright. Have a good sleep :3", and maybe "Thanks for talking with me about this again", but left it at that. That aside though, yes, I did have a bowl of pudding for supper last night. Chocolate pudding, with ice cream topping mix stirred in. Better than my original plans to go to Tim Hortons and 7-11 and buy whatever I wanted though, and by the time I started to feel hungry again, it was too late to make French Toast, so that will probably be supper tonight. The only condition under which I'll make an exception is if it's raining on the way home, and if it is, I'm also going to take the day off from Heart and Stroke tomorrow, to complete the whole stress-free day thing. I really need one of those, just to relax and have some time to myself and get back to where I was going before with thoughts about Toronto in August (I've started to think that maybe I will take part in the furmeet), but that, at earliest, will come tomorrow. Tonight is work, and all the fun things related to that~