June 7th, 2012

I Know What's Coming

To think there was a time when I utterly relied on the iwanttobestronger to increase my party's stats... I speak of the Avernum series once again, of course, but now, well... now, I know so much better. In the case of Avernum 5, I've added the following underneath Sergeant Damien's existing conversation nodes in z17Tblackcrdlg.txt:
begintalknode 248;
	state = 150;
	nextstate = 150;
	condition = 1;
	question = "Give me some experience.";
	text1 = "_Sure._";
	action = REUSABLE;
	code =
The amounts given in blue and red text can be changed according to one's needs (30000 is the amount of experience points to give, while 100 is, according to this, the value by which to adjust the previous value (killing low-leveled monsters with a high-leveled character gives little to no experience, whereas killing a high-leveled monster with a low-leveled character gives more than normal)), which effectively makes up for where the character editor included with the game falls short. It's fine (albeit time-consuming) for increasing stats, but past their maximum, leveling up through gaining experience is the only way to increase the party's total health and so on. As for what the title of this entry refers to, I think it's only a matter of time before I create my own script-based editor for one of these games. I can see some of how I would piece it together already, but... not quite yet. Avernum 4 would seem the most logical place to start, because as far as I can tell, I've completely finished it, but I have other things to do. Catch up on downloads again, leave feedback for several things on eBay, because the last package I was expecting from there arrived today, then tend to my room, and only after those are done, go out to 7-11 for a bag of the new chips I saw there last night. I wasn't going to go unless it was raining on the way home, I know, but after all the dishes at work once again, I wanted a treat. Dishes here before any of that though. I wanted to start on them at 6, and it's just about that time now~