June 9th, 2012

It's Worth a Try

Not being able to get a good night's sleep anymore is becoming patently ridiculous now. Last night, I didn't lay down until about 6:30, because I was working on sorting out another TV series for Brandon, but I fell asleep fairly quickly after that, and woke up the first time feeling - as usual - well rested. I opened my laptop to check the time, and saw that it was about 8:30am, which seemed perfectly reasonable at the time, so I got up, went out to the bathroom, and then back into my room, wondering if I wanted to start the day at what felt like the normal time, or go back to sleep for another couple hours. Following that, I had to really think to remember which day it was, because the dream I had just before waking up involved me being at Dan's apartment in Toronto again, and, because the next time I'll be there will probably start on a Tuesday, I well and truly thought that it was Tuesday for a bit. But then I remembered it was actually Saturday, and that I had to work, so I went back to sleep for another couple hours. At about 11am, I woke up again, and same as before, opened my laptop to check what time it was, but was slightly more awake that time, albeit only just enough to say "I need to sleep for longer". The same happened again at 12, and once more after that at about 1pm, when I was properly considering staying awake, but that was overruled by the decision to go back to sleep for another hour or so, because I was up later than normal. In the end, I slept until ~2pm, and that was quite enough for today, but when I get home tonight, the first thing I will do is put pillows in my windows. If that doesn't help, then fine, maybe there's something else on my mind (needing to get a train ticket, for example), in which case I will deal with that thing / those things in whichever manner is most appropriate, but pillows will be the first step, and anything after that will come if those fail.

Outside of that though, I feel like I have little else to say today, because since yesterday, most of my time not spent at work and sleeping has gone toward getting things together for Brandon once again. To my delight, one of the series which was downloading slowly before was finished when I came home last night, but its episode names are... quite possibly more pretentious and vapid than those for episodes of The Big Bang Theory. I can kind of see now why he thought I might not want to download it at first, but I did, so no, that's not the answer, however, at the same time, I've done as much as I'm willing to do in terms of sorting them out. For some unknown reason, the only torrent I could find consisted of each episode split into separate AVI files for each part. Organization isn't the issue - each episode has a subfolder inside the season's folder, into which all the episode-specific files go - but knowing which files correspond to which episode is. Wikipedia doesn't have a complete listing, and some basic searching for a detailed episode list elsewhere didn't come up with anything useful, so they're divided and categorized as much as I can manage, and the rest are all in a folder named Season 99 (UNSORTED), in which there's a text file inviting him to have a go at organizing them, because I'm not about to watch the entire series to do that for him. As for the rest, I'm still waiting on one elusive episode to complete the original list of TV shows that he asked for, and then it's just the one he requested last week. Seasons 1 through 3 of it have been downloaded and renamed, but a complete torrent of season 4 does not exist, and while it seems torrents for each episode do, some are only available in x264 / MP4 format. I know, I know, I really only have two choices - to take it or leave it - but it makes me wish I wasn't so opposed to telling him (Brandon) "I won't download these, because they're in the wrong format.

Other things aside, I think that I do not want to go to work hungry tonight, so I am going to find something to eat. I should also email George too, because he still hasn't replied to the other message I sent him last week saying that I have the coming Sunday off. It would be nice if he could come over here tomorrow. I haven't seen him in quite a while, and there would be lots to talk about...