June 29th, 2012

It Doesn't Make Sense

Most likely because of an email I received this morning, I - at this moment - find myself laying here wondering about why I still help out at Heart and Stroke. Yeah, sure, it serves the purpose of helping people there with their work, but exactly what is it that keeps me going back? Not wanting to be bored at home? Liking helping out there? It just seems odd that I continue to go back year after year, if for no reason other than that I have nothing else to do (although there are some afternoons where I'd rather stay at home), but maybe not being able to think of the reason simply means that I can't come up with one, instead of saying that there isn't one at all. I am still done there until October, as mentioned yesterday, but it's the way Michele put it in the aforementioned email that brought these thoughts to mind. She noted that one of her volunteers said before that she has them "on a bungee cord", which I feel is essentially true, but is that all it is? Being available to help when needed, but left alone otherwise? I know I prefer that, because it allows me to dictate my own schedule, more or less, but all the same, I don't have to go back or even contact Michele until Fall, now.

At any rate, the main part of her message was to say that she wanted to share her excitement about receipting being completed. Apparently she hired six new volunteers, in addition to two who were "existing" (I presume I am / was one of them), making for a total of eight people to work on the task. Her goal for receipting for school programs - the first thing I worked on - was to have it done before the end of the school year (not sure when that is or was), which was met at the beginning of June. I think that's good, but she didn't say specifically, so as for Big Bike receipting, her original goal was actually to have it completed by October. Yes. October. And it was finished today, June 29th, although it technically might have been finished yesterday if I stuck around for another ten minutes after printing the receipts to put them into the corresponding envelopes, which I didn't only because Michele said she would in the morning. It's hard to believe we somehow took three months off the desired due date, but is kind of exciting in its own right as well. Unfortunately, pessimism says that while completing the work so far ahead of time this year was a pleasant surprise, the bar will be set exactly that high next year, and instead of finishing really early, we'll either finish on time, or be overdue.

In other news, new laptop setup is now relatively complete. Minor problems remaining include having to downgrade Palemoon (I upgraded in hopes that the touchpad scrolling issue would be fixed, but it wasn't, although maybe I should stick with what I have now, and spend my next day off fiddling with the theme's files again), still needing to sort out the start menu, and having many files on my desktop to clean up. Following that, there is only one major problem, which I do hope I'm able to fix, because otherwise I might very well have to reinstall Windows, even though I just got it nicely up and running. For some reason, Notepad won't launch. The .exe is clearly there in Windows, and SysWOW64, but is missing from system32, however, if I try copying it from one of the first two directories into the third, Windows asks if I want to overwrite the existing file. For all I know a simple reboot might fix that, but I can't just yet, due to certain files being uploaded (music), which mustn't be interrupted. On a completely different note, I'm also feel really tired right now. I hope walking to work doesn't make it worse, because I don't want to go through another weekend like the last one, but perhaps in preparation, I should go have something to eat right now. Toast is good for breakfast, which I already had, but something more might help...