July 20th, 2012

It's a Slow Process

After a certain continued amount of deliberation, I've settled on using Photobucket to host pictures now. As such, I deleted almost everything from my gallery here last night - from ~7GB down to ~250MB, but have only just started uploading things to that other site. I decided to start with Pic Pic, and as of last night, had all 400 drawing puzzle solutions uploaded, but there is one other difficulty that I did not anticipate: having to manually name all those pictures. I assumed the title would be the same as the filename, but with the extension removed, however no title is given at all, so by the time I finish uploading all of Pic Pic's solutions, I'll have (re)named 1,200 images. Then there's Picross DS, coming in at 364 files, Mario's Picross, with 256, as well as others for games that are not yet complete. Color Cross still has the majority of my attention, but where I was two levels / themes into it yesterday, I'm now up only another two and a half, so there's still quite a bit to do. Projects of this nature (both extracting the solutions and uploading the images, as is the case right now) are enjoyable though, and I get the feeling it's going to be another long weekend, but for different reasons than before. It will still probably be busy, which is all well and good and not necessarily fun, but more importantly, this is the second-last weekend I will work before going away. I wouldn't believe it without looking at the calendar, and yet I think ahead to three weeks from now, and get all excited imagining what I could do on Thursday night to stay awake as long as possible, so as to be tired on Friday, and go to bed early, to be up early to go to Wonderland on Saturday. Almost certainly make a random trip out to Metro for snacks and things, and I'm sure other ideas that haven't yet come to mind. It'll almost be like when we stayed overnight at Aunt Patty and Uncle Rob's house in Mississauga after a family get-together before, and I went out at probably 4 in the morning to Tim Hortons for pop and drinks to keep Naomi and I awake. If I could exactly recreate those initial circumstances, it would be all the better (start from their house, go to Tim Hortons, and walk from there to the apartment building), but I'll settle for what I can get. I also need to remind myself in the meantime that that still is two weeks away, and before any of that can happen, there are things to be done here. I could try to clean up my room / files on my laptop now, and keep them in that state until I go away, but as something would surely get in the way of that, I'll settle for having projects of the sort mentioned above to keep me busy.

In other news, I really feel like all that matters right now is getting back to Color Cross. Annoying as some of the puzzles may be (especially the most recent one I completed, for it involved much switching between colors), it quickly becomes rather addictive. Unfortunately, if I stop focusing on things that I want to do for a moment, I'm reminded of a more bothersome, but still amusing issue: the temperature in my room. With my air conditioner and fan off, it's too warm. With my air conditioner on, it's too warm. With my fan on, it's too cold (I finally brought out the new fan I bought several months ago, and it blows air quite strongly even on the lowest setting), and with both on, it is obviously too cold. I almost want to drape a sheet down from the top bunk to block the breeze from the fan, as some of it will still make it through, but I haven't really been bothered enough to do that yet. Wonderful problem, isn't it? Here we are in the middle of Summer, and I find it too cold in my room. Perhaps a better idea would be to turn the fan around so it faces the wall, but even better than that would be to stop writing about these inane things, and do something productive. Color Cross, that is. I should have just enough time for one more puzzle before I go to work~