August 4th, 2012

There's Always Something Else

I'm still bothered by something that happened earlier tonight. We were downstairs in the party room taking a break between getting things set up for tomorrow, and out of nowhere, Dan asked "So what do people call you at home?" I looked at him, with "How do you mean?" on the tip of my tongue, but before I could ask, he said "I'm sure they don't call you Karadur. Do they call you [my name]?" I said only one word - yes - and he didn't respond with anything else, but right now, I'm here in his room getting ready to go to bed, and he's out working on something (presumably for tomorrow) on his laptop, and I have such a burning desire to send him a message asking "What difference does what people call me at home make?", but don't want to start something this close to the end of the night. It's been a pretty good day otherwise - I took care of almost all of my preparations for the furmeet (baking biscuits is the only thing remaining, which I want to do tomorrow, so they're fresh), made a chocolate chip cheesecake pie which came out really nice, helped bring things downstairs and reorganize all of the furniture, and even cleaned up my things in here so they won't look like such a mess with people here tomorrow, but yeah. I know he uses Xion's and Bungee's real names more often than those ones just given, but I wish he'd make his intentions clear. Do you propose to start addressing me by my real name instead of "Karadur"? Fine, I guess, but be aware that it might take me a bit to get used to it. With friends at home (Manoah and George) it's a bit different, because they've known me by my real name since we first met, but Dan didn't know of it until (as far as I know) he looked at my train ticket when I was here last summer. Xion's also gone to be with Chris, and Peromyscus isn't here early like before, so it feels a bit different, but those asides are fine. They don't directly concern me, but the name thing does.

Anyway, tomorrow is bound to be another long day, so I should try to get to bed now. I would like to at least bring the above (as in, actually saying something) before we both go to bed, but Dan's just gone into the bathroom, probably to have a shower, so we'll see. As with alot of other things I seem to have problems with, it's not really bad, but it still gets to me. Fun~