August 5th, 2012

A Shower Would Be Nice...

As of 2:00am (give or take half an hour), Islington Furmeet 9 was done and over with. I'm not tired yet though, so I'm writing this, but all the same, it's been a long, warm day (I woke up at 10:30), and my lower body is quite covered with dry sweat. I still want to take care of this first though, because in spite of today's party being the furmeet that I was almost certain about not attending before, I honestly do think that I enjoyed myself. I was the first one down there (with the only key to the party room), the last one to leave (technically not though, because Dan forgot to retrieve the chain he had his money box locked to), and despite some specific, minor incidents, nothing bad happened. I'll start with the most significant one, because if I don't, I'm not going to be able to think clearly about anything else.

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I still sort of want to obsess over that, because "Ok" is not the same as "I understand, and I'm fine with that", but I'm willing to leave it be here, in the interest of it not becoming something that I obsess over to the point where I privately fume about it for the next week, then dicuss the matter with him only after I get home. Perhaps with time, I will advance to being able to say such things directly to him, but this is a step up from before for now. I'm very tired now though, and I am sleeping on the couch out in the living room tonight, because Aceheart and Eiko (I actually know some peoples' names...) are staying in Dan's room, and the last time the former stayed the night while I was here, I couldn't get a good sleep, for a certain noise directly associated with sleeping. I'll probably hear about it tomorrow, but it's one night, compared to having the next week, and if I would rather have tomorrow to rest, I am allowed to do that. For the moment, it looks like we (Dan and I, at least) might be going out to see Spiderman with a couple people who were at the meet today, but only if we're feeling up to it, so that could be something. I haven't forgotten about what he and I discussed before though - uncertainty related to plans for doing things with the people who were here from Ottawa, before they have to go back home. Will find out later. All I care about currently is laying down and closing my eyes~