August 7th, 2012

Wrong Place for Storage

The rolls I bought at Real Canadian Superstore? That I made some garlic bread for supper several nights ago with, and intended to use to make sandwiches for our camping trip / picnic lunch at the zoo? They've gone all fuzzy, almost certainly because I stored them up on top of the cupboard, due to lack of space in the fridge. There's isn't enough time to go out for more today either, but Dan mentioned last night that there's at least a McDonalds and No Frills somewhat near the camp site, so I suppose we could go there. As for doing something different for lunch at the zoo, well, I could look into picking up some things at No Frills. Nothing quite as homemade, but it'll do.

I'm not sure what else to say though, because for the past couple days, we've been in the same sort of rut - lay on the couch watching TV / moving about doing other things, but nothing truly specific, wanting to do something, but not being able to decide on one specific activity. The first night, we ended up going for a walk downtown and through High Park, but last night, all we did was walked down the street to Tim Hortons / Wendys (in the same building), then back home again for more TV, followed by a somewhat earlier bedtime, because I think we were both still tired from Sunday. Plans for the next couple days look like we'll be staying out until Thursday - that is, heading to the campsite tonight, going to the zoo tomorrow, sleeping at the campsite again, and coming back here on Thursday. It seemed like that would work out well at first, because Dan had an appointment to go to on Thursday, so I figured I could make use of that time on my own by finally going out to Real Canadian Superstore for chicken (and more s'mores snack mix) as well as a couple other places (Dollarama for sure), but he rescheduled his appointment this morning, leaving me feel conflicted. I'd like to go out on my own for the afternoon, just to have that time to myself, but feel that would be incredibly rude. I suppose we'll just see what happens then.

With this remaining ~20 minutes, I'm going to wash some of the dishes. They're really getting piled up now...