August 20th, 2012

He's Giving Me False Hope

Just after ~11:30 last night, I thought to ask Manoah about last Tuesday. Specifically, if he knew whether or not Mary had other things on her mind, because she seemed distracted when I was in there that night. He said he wasn't aware of anything like that, and then, apparently sensing the next thing I was going to say, told me "She is going to give you that time off though". Yay, right? That means I can check with her as to an appropriate length of time on Tuesday (preferably longer than three days), get a train ticket when I have the money, and resume normal activities for a couple months, which is exactly what I want. But what about the title of this entry then? Oh, that's right. Manoah has a tendency toward overstatement. While we were walking home, I asked him to tell me exactly what Mary said, and so long as he wasn't getting carried away then, it's like this: at some point after I left, the two of them started talking about Laura. She has supposedly been booking weekends (Friday and Saturday) off two to three times a month for at least two months now, and it's starting to get a bit silly, because she's a manager, and is supposed to always be available, except for emergencies. During the same conversation, Mary told him that I also wanted time off, in November, which is what I asked about then, and in his words, she said it in such a way that he's completely confident she'll give me more time off then. He also said that in spite of the two week vacation time rule, we both realize it's not strictly enforced, and she somehow has "No reason" to deny me more time anyway, so I should not be worried. Just to be on the safe side though, before we parted ways, I asked him how he thought she would respond to me explaining that I wouldn't want another two weeks off in November when I go to ask her about other things tomorrow, and he hesitated for a bit, before saying that he didn't think she'd mind, so we'll see. It'd be better to talk about everything at once, but I'm not going to push it just for the sake of doing that.

In other news... well, I have four days off now, and I think I might do something relatively unplanned with this one: reorganize my room again, since the weather has been quite a bit nicer recently. Checking it again now, there are supposed to be warmer temperatures on the weekend, but come what may, as far as I'm concerned. I've already started, by putting my air conditioner away last night, and would've even started to move stuff around before going to bed, but ended up sitting down with Manoah for a little while so he could show me pictures he took while on vacation. Otherwise though, I have exactly the same two things to do as yesterday: finish writing an email to George, and download all of those Super Mario World hack patches, turn them into ROMs, and while I'm at it, put all of the NES Super Mario Bros. hacks that are already in my PSP into a separate folder, because there are quite a few I didn't have before, but there are way too many files in the "S" folder, so every time I access it, there's a ~10 second delay before the file list is shown. I think I'm just going to get to reorganizing now though, as I don't seem to have anything else to say, so my goal will be to have everything done by... 9pm sounds good. Just under four hours to go~