August 24th, 2012

There's Something About This...

It's been decided: Islington Furmeet 10 will be held on Saturday, November 3rd. I've worked it out with Dan that at work tonight, I will leave a note for Mary asking to have the 1st to 7th of that month off, but also note that if I can work it out with Michele, I'll be staying until the 8th. Fine, right? All of that is, but let's take a step back to just before the date was decided. As mentioned in my previous entry, I was getting a little worked up over not being able to get an answer from Dan about the party room, on the same day he said he would ask about it. It took until much later that evening to finally get a reply via email (Instantbird was having issues connecting), and even then, all he said was that by the time he went down, the office had already closed for the day, but he would check tomorrow. Tomorrow eventually came, and during late morning (the time where I'm usually asleep), I woke up for just long enough to refresh the tab I had open to the date discussion thread on his forum. He had posted a new comment, the relevant part of which is as follows:

After looking at the number of other parties in the city before halloween, and remembering there being people that couldn't go last year because of parties at clubs and work, and that it would be easier for one of my staff to get time off for November, I decided to just go with November 3rd.

Most of it reads as you might expect. The end of October will probably be too busy to reliably plan such an event, and the beginning of November isn't too far removed to do something Halloween-related, but there is that one other detail there. See it? Yes, the part that reads "[...] and that it would be easier for one of my staff to get time off for November [...]". I can only presume that refers to me. The only other staff I know of are Dan (obviously), Bungee, and Peromyscus, although he wasn't able to make it last time. Furthermore, out of the four of us, who needs to ask for time off in order to go there? I do. I liked that at first, because it made me helping out next time official, but there's also something about it that bothers me, but I can't put my finger on exactly what it is. One possibility is that it relegates me to being just another member of staff - somebody who doesn't even deserve to be mentioned by name - but I have an argument against that theory. Had he instead written "and that it would be easier for Karadur to get time off for November", it would've looked like he was playing favorites. Possibility number two says that it bothers me because it shows that I'm edging out from how I used to be before, and that's still uncomfortable. Instead of keeping to myself and trying to stay away from being directly involved in things like that, it (or rather, "they") have become somewhat of a vested interest. I want to go back again, and when I do, I specifically want to have a certain role.

Whatever the case, permission from Mary, and following that, getting a train ticket pending, I will go back, and I will try to help out more than I did last time. Sitting behind the counter for most of the day isn't all bad, but there have to be other things to do. That brings me to my other concern though. Simply stated, I did not get a pay stub at all for the past two weeks, due to having not worked at all. I should've known that was coming when I went away for that long, but I didn't anticipate it, so it's been kind of getting to me. Should he remember (and he'd better), Manoah will have $120 for me at work tonight. $30 of that will go to Mom for gas, leaving $90. I still have enough in my checking account to see the internet is paid for, but along with that, I also spent ~$10 on snacks at 7-11 the other night, with my new Visa card to ensure that it was working. I don't forsee using it again before the end of the month though, so that's ~$65. After that, I will have $90 for the next two weeks, assuming I haven't forgotten anything. I'm really strongly considering keeping just $20 cash though, and depositing the rest, so I can do the same thing Dan told me he does: pay for everything possible with his credit card, and at the end of the month, pay off the entire balance. The only issue I see coming from that for me is unknowingly spending too much next month, but in that case, I can transfer however much else is needed from my savings account, and keep better track of my spending in October. As for work though, I just hope to be paid at least $400 every two weeks from now on. Should Mary give me more time off in November, my goal will be to purchase a train ticket at the beginning of October, and there are also Christmas gifts to consider. I have two now, and am considering a second one for Adam (nothing nearly as extravagant as last year's), but have absolutely no ideas for anybody else, and with no ideas comes no idea of how much anything will cost. It is stressful, and now I have Brandon after me wanting to know if I'll buy more stuff online for him. I suppose I should go respond to that~