August 30th, 2012

A Different Sort of Idea think I was just about to call it a night too...

From where I left off earlier, work went pretty well. Laura was no different from last time I closed with her, which is more an observation than a complaint, because we got along well enough. I'm really starting to doubt my conclusion that she was the only one who could've complained about me only doing dishes on closes, but who does that leave? Anybody and everybody who works between 8 and 11. Assuming the staff who have been there for a while wouldn't say anything (because they know how things usually go on closes) that leaves Denise and Lee-ann. I did nothing but dishes between serving customers until Manoah took over the night he, Denise, and I closed last weekend, so that's one point for it not being her, and no points for Lee-ann. It isn't vital that I figure out who it is, but I would like to know who to be wary of. Getting back to where I was going though, the one problem with the night is that I was tired, and really sore. Tired, I suspect came from how I slept last night: a couple hours between ~10:30pm and ~12:30am, which left me not tired enough to go to sleep until nearly 7am, followed by waking up at ~1:30, and sore, which was probably result of stress. That, or having not eaten anything since I woke up... I made it through the night though, but that reminds me of something I should've started this paragraph with: I was late. Despite my being sure that I was scheduled to start at 8, I was actually scheduled to start at 7, but wasn't aware of that fact until I ran into James on the way there. Laura said she could understand my confusion though, because I don't often get scheduled to start an hour early, but that's just the thing. When the schedule for this weekend went up back on Thursday or Friday last, I could be sure Mary had me starting at 8, just like I could be sure she had me scheduled to close Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and then back to a four-day weekend again. Now, however, I have another three days off next week: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. That might work out better for having two full days to work on the spare room, but only so long as I take care not to fall into certain traps that I did on my two days off this week.

Following work, I walked straight home, had a bowl of cereal for supper, and played several Super Mario World hacks until I started to get tired, which was around 4:30. I noticed right away upon coming up to my room that Dan had responded to the email I sent him when I woke up, but I didn't want to read it right away, fearing what he might say, and thus told myself that I'd get to it later. The urge to read it crept up again as I was getting ready for bed, but I ultimately told myself I'd read it tomorrow, because I didn't want to just open the email and have the whole thing staring me in the face at once, but didn't have the time or desire to find a way to read it bit by bit either. I got as far as closing my laptop, but then thought the corner of my room up by the lamp seemed strangely foggy, so I turned the light on to see if anything was in the way. There wasn't, but I saw my 3DS out of the corner of my eye, and after a painfully long delay, wherein other thoughts were going through my mind, I realized I could just read the email using it, so I did. Where do I go from here though? The easiest thing to do would be to compose a reply to him, then copy both that and his into here, but I don't have the time for that, and it goes against my wanting to try keeping to myself, so... it's nothing near what I was expecting, as always seems to be the case. I get so worked up with assuming the people I'm talking to feel the same way I do that it's a wonder I manage to communicate with anybody at all... I do need to figure out what to do from here though. Either I finish this, then write a complete reply to him, or at some point between now and when I finish writing this entry, send him a shorter email to say that I'd like to get back to him in MSN tomorrow. He said he's already back at home, because Xion wasn't getting along with his (Dan's) other friends there, so aside from dishes and possible running around for shoes and to see Mary at work, I should be able to. ...see? It's just that simple. Instead of continuing to write this, I just spent nearly an hour replying to Dan's email, and now I'm starting to get a headache, so I'm going to bed. I'd like to head out by 4pm at latest tomorrow, so maybe I'll sleep in too. Two late nights would be quite deserving of that~