September 3rd, 2012

Just One Night Left

I wonder what kind of night it will be though. Something started yesterday that we hoped would be fixed today, but it's not, and I got off the phone with Manoah about half an hour ago, after answering a slew of questions about certain things I may or may not have noticed on Friday night. Stuff like where Denise and Cheryl were while I was in the bathroom changing, and what they were doing, and whether or not they left at the same time at the end of the night. He obviously couldn't say what was going on, but he also has to talk to Denise about it when she gets in tonight, and asked me not to say anything to her about our conversation. From what I've seen of her thus far, Denise is still new when it comes to certain things, but hasn't done anything that I would consider odd or suspicious, not to mention it'd be quite a feat for her to have her own shifts if she's still untrustworthy in certain matters. Where I'm concerned though, I will heed his request, because I don't make a habit of gossiping about everything I've heard regarding other people, and will do my best to make do with that other issue. What is it, specifically? The pop has run out. Specifically, both CO2 cylinders have run empty. Brilliant, yes? I had to put up a sign to that effect last night, advising customers that juice, milk, iced tea, and bottled water were available, but by the time I get in there tonight, all but the iced tea and maybe bottled water will be gone. Deliveries aren't made until Tuesday morning, today is a holiday, so the cylinders can't be refilled, and I very much doubt Mary would be impressed with spending the time or money to go get enough cans of pop for the entire day. On the upside of things, I now know how to do something that I never did before: switch to the backup CO2 cylinder. Doesn't make me any less wary of those big tanks, but I suppose there's less to worry about if they're both empty. Well, more or less, that is. I'll wait to see how many people read the sign tonight...

Otherwise, I feel a bit disoriented today, what with it being Monday, but still having to work, and a holiday, so everybody is at home. It's also partly because I went to sleep early last night (around 5am) thinking that if I did, and woke up when I have been in the afternoon (~1pm), I would get just enough sleep, and not be tired. It just couldn't happen though. When I went to sleep, it was nice and cool out. Between then and when I woke up, it became so humid that I can feel the difference through my window (half of my body is cool from the fan, and the other half is uncomfortably warm), thus preventing me from getting a proper, restful sleep. Also, in case that wasn't enough, sleep difficulties were compounded by expecting something in the mail. When I went to bed, I had every reason to believe that the mail wouldn't be delivered today, but I still had to wake up and check, and then, to round all of this out, in spite of going to bed early, slept 'til 2pm, and felt like I could still use another hour or two after that. Fortunately, the only thing I noticed at work last night was that my feet were getting sore, which was probably unrelated. Heat / humidity today might be a problem, but with everybody here already, I might just ask for a ride. As for what to do after work (for supper / snacks), I'm still undecided. It's safe to say that I'll be doing one or the other, but 7-11 would be easier, and that way, I wouldn't have to call Pizza Tonite so close to when they close. Is there anything else though? Not yet, really. I should go ask about getting a ride to work before it's actually 7:00 though~