October 2nd, 2012

Complete and Utter Distraction

Since early yesterday afternoon, I've been waiting on a spanned set of 8 RAR files to download. Altogether, they comprise what I hope will properly extract to a complete discography of music by David Lanz, but I haven't even made it that far yet. What I'm waiting on right now is for nothing more than for the files to download. I'm on the 7th part right now, but this is my second attempt, because it screwed up at about 75% complete before. Oh, and did I mention that they're all ~525MB files, and take what feels like an eternity (about three hours) to download? Yes. To make it better, I closed Palemoon earlier in order to make a backup of my profile folder, and it's been closed since then, because I don't want to risk screwing up the download again by opening it and there suddenly being a rush of other network activity. Fortuntately, the final piece is ~150MB smaller than the others, but it feels like until I have every single one downloaded, I can't truly do or think about anything else. As planned, I only stopped at Tim Hortons for an apple cider last night, and briefly considered going to 7-11 about an hour after I got home, but put my laundry in the washing machine first, and thus couldn't. Today, I've eaten only a bit of food since I woke up, and was half-seriously thinking of getting pizza from Dominos instead of going to 7-11 later. Between the 2× Tuesday deal and wanting more twisty bread, it seemed like a good idea, but I realized something about that: I think the reason I've been ordering pizza or related food pretty much every week for the past several months is because I've always gone to 7-11 on the way home from work on Monday night. Because of that, come Tuesday, I don't really want to go to the same place two nights in a row, and pizza is the next easiest thing to get, so I go with that. To put that to the test, I've decided to go to 7-11 as originally planned tonight, and then we'll see what I feel like doing on Thursday. I'm almost positive pizza will be more appealing than anything else then.

In other news, backups still aren't done. For the most part they are, but until I finish downloading music, retagging the lot, copying it to my PSP, and then copying the contents of those two memory sticks to the designated external hard drive, I will not be finished, which is also frustrating. The first ~3 hours when I woke up today were spent retagging music copied from one of my other external hard drives last night, because I decided to choose now to finally go through with deleting all the other stuff I had saved. There are a few exceptions, same as with anything else (music from Vulpvibe and Lapfox Trax, and our grade 12 band CD from high school), but the rest is gone - game soundtracks, random songs downloaded over the years, all filed into the "Downloaded" folder, and stuff that's already on my PSP alike. I only wish I could say I'd been so thorough with the rest of the files on that drive, but... I'm getting there. I still need to upload new backups of things to my Mediafire account, but I can't very well do that until downloads have finished. Uploads would be just as likely to get messed up by trying to do too much at once as downloads. Also in other news, but of a different nature is that work last night went okay, but wasn't at the same time. It was James' first close since being promoted again for one, was somewhat busier than normal, for two, I had other things on my mind for three, and the fourth, if it counts at all, was that the handle for the mop was still broken, and despite bringing the rest of my elastics, I couldn't remember how I fixed it on Tuesday night, so I ended up having to pull it around with the handle. James also asked if I would mind being on line tomorrow night. I told him I'd think about it, and I have no reason to refuse, but same as when Manoah wanted to do drive through instead, I can't guarantee that the floor will get scrubbed before the end of the night. There was one interesting part of the night though - the walk home. James lives up on Grand Ave, so we walked down to the intersection together, and along the way, talked about a few things. I quickly brought up Laura being on the phone way too much during the weekend, and he said that a good five or six people have said something to Mary about it too. She, however, apparently brushed all of them off, saying it "couldn't be that bad", but severity aside, it is something that needs to be addressed. I missed my chance to say anything to her about it today, but maybe I will on Friday, if she's still there when I go in.

Finally, the other obvious thing: I was in a fairly miserable mood a couple days ago, so what's happened / changed since then? Most significantly, I've realized that I should still be able to afford to go away next month, but only so long as I continue to get five closes a week. Unfortunately, due to the delay with the store being sold, our vacation pay won't be included in our pay this week, but I don't need $1,000 to go there again. $300 would be fine at minimum, but $400 would be better, so I can still splurge a bit if I find something worthwhile. After that is Christmas though, which will bring certain complications, to the point where I almost wish I hadn't started buying gifts, so I could find one minor thing for everybody, and give them $60 to spend as they like along with it. There's something more on top of that too, but as it's quarter to 11, and this entry's coming to what I feel will be the end, I don't know if I want to get into it right yet. I did tell Dan though, and he responded tonight, which has been a steady thought at the back of my mind all throughout writing this. Given length, the current time, the fact that this download is almost done, and wanting to read what he said, I think I will end this right here, and wait for just ~5 minutes to be on the safe side. At best, by the time I go to bed, I could have a bunch of new music, and something else (of a previously only vaguely mentioned nature) to write about. Sounds good enough for now~