October 9th, 2012

I Guess They Were Right

As I told James on the way home last night, something would surely be said today about it taking us half an hour to clean up after 1, even though we didn't get a single customer after 11:30. I figured we'd still get a few here and there, but as it turned out, after that point, the next time we saw anybody pull in was about ten minutes after 1. I guess it shows that James is becoming more comfortable and experienced (particularly as a manager) with closes again though. Last week, it took us until ~2:10. This week, 1:30, from where we enjoyed a nice, quiet walk home, without harassment similar to what was encountered on the weekend. I even thought about saying "It's nice to not run into other people here this time" when we got to that part of the street, but no. Those things happen, sure, but I've become far too quick to treat them as something remarkable, and thus something that must be shared (or in this case, remembered). At any rate, we parted ways at 7-11, because he had to get something there, and I went home to what should've been a nice night of relaxing, but ended up more being a busy night of working through more music, and anxiety about a certain other matter.

You see, I opened Instantbird when I got home, because it was once again causing me more difficulty to leave closed, and I noticed shortly afterward that I couldn't remember / justify closing it in the first place. Dan's away until next week helping clean up a house in return for food and money, and while I could find something in that to feel envious about - him being off actually doing something, and me continuing to do very little per usual - the simple fact is that I probably do just as much when I go to work. The only difference is that what he's doing is new to me, making it something I would prefer to do over my normal work-based responsibilities. I could also take the route of feeling sorry for myself, and say that him rarely initiating conversations with me, and not taking notice of what I'm doing shows that he doesn't care, but frankly, I would hate myself more than anybody else ever could for truly feeling that way. It'd be nice to get a message just to say "Hi" or whatever from time, but I get the feeling that I'm the one who asked for this back when we first started talking. I don't like having a conversation every single day, because then there's a pressure to keep that up even on days when I don't have anything to talk about, yet the text just prior to that says talking on a regular basis is exactly what I want. That's two for two on things I seem to have sorted out now, but there's one other thing, which was and still kind of is causing me problems. The person (hereafter referred to as "Squeeze", because that's part of their Furaffinity username, and I don't want to keep referring to them as "the person") he told me about a couple weeks ago. As far as I know, he / she and I live in the same city and are aware of each other, but haven't had any sort of communication. Dan, on the other hand, has presumably come to know them pretty well since first discovering them, and to me, that feels wrong. The only consolation I can give myself for the moment is that the only contact information I can find for them is for programs I don't have, making this another case of "We'll see what happens". If the desire to at least say hi continues to be as strong for the next couple days, I'll ask Dan if he knows what their emaila address is. One way or the other, hopefully it'll just be a matter of holding out 'til the end of the month. The idea is to discuss plans for having a furmeet here while I'm in Toronto, and depending on what we decide then, I could end up with a proper reason to talk to them. It is truly amazing how much... difficulty just hearing about somebody else in the same city I live in can cause.

In other news, I'm thinking about doing something a little different tonight as well. 7-11 didn't have the big bags of chips that I wanted, and I don't want to go pay ~$3 for one from Food Basics or Sobeys, so... I'll go check Giant Tiger. Even though I haven't been there in several years, I'm feeling slightly more well-adjusted now, and have a couple other things to look for there too. I do still have only $40 to last until the 19th though, and at least $15 of that will go toward toppings for Tom's cookie pizza and more energy drinks from Dollarama, giving me about $8 after everything is done. Good thing I still have ~40 English muffins, and ~70 waffles, isn't it? I think this will be it though, because I wanted to head there at 7, and it's a couple minutes past now. Hopefully they have what I want~