October 25th, 2012

Another Day of Writer's Block

I've done quite a bit today, so I should be able to think of something to write about without too much difficulty, but for some reason I can't. Something is obstructing my thoughts, and although it should be easy enough to determine what that something is, I'm not sure. Is it that I want to work some more on that surprise mentioned in my previous entry, or would I really rather get back to level 10 of Mario no Super Picross. Maybe I need to act on this email I received from Trish, and look at / buy one or two of the items she said Ericka would like for Christmas, or maybe I need to stop being hypothetical, and write about what has happened as best as I can. I suppose that'll work for now.

To begin, closing with Mary yesterday night went as well as I expected. She didn't say much to me, and I didn't say much to her, but we both got our work done, and were out by ~1:30. That would be all I could say of the night too, if it weren't for one special thing that happened. When I first started, she mentioned that she was expecting Mike (the district manager) and one of the new owners "any time now", so I was slightly on edge for a little bit. That faded away when I got back to the dishes and started working on them though, and they still hadn't shown up at 10, leading Mary to conclude that they must not be coming. Skip ahead only half an hour, and who would walk in but the two of them, which was pretty much unremarkable. It was interesting seeing Mike help on line, and the other guy who came in was nice enough, even though he was in the office with Mike and Mary for pretty much the entire time, so yeah. I wonder if that's the first time he's been in, and if so, whether or not he'll be in again. It's fun to think that I was one of the only four people working when he came in, but that also doesn't feel like something I can really get excited about. I've met one of the new owners though, and he seems nice. That's about the easiest way to put it.

As for today, well, there has been quite a bit. Despite not getting to bed until ~7:30, as a result of waiting until the last minute to collect the information needed to renew my health card, I woke up at 1pm, did normal beginning-of-the-day things for a bit, and set out at ~2:15. Finding the proper building, and from there, which room to go to wasn't difficult, and I was in and out in all of ten minutes, which was quicker than I expected. After that, I went up to the train station to get a train ticket, and right back down the way I'd come, to Heart and Stroke, in hopes of seeing Michele, to tell her that I would be away in Toronto at the beginning of November. She wasn't there, however, so I left her a note, grabbed a cup of water, and was off to home again. I rested for a bit there, then went down to the kitchen, and started getting things ready for Saturday. That was followed by washing the dishes, then making a cookie pizza and washing more dishes, then going out to No Frills because I thought they might have fudge chocolate chips, then back home again, where I had a shower, and that's where I am now. Not in the shower, but writing this. I wasn't able to find fudge chocolate chips at No Frills, but did grab another three bags of semi-sweet chocolate chips, because I might have something new to use them for in Toronto. My idea is that I'll make up to four giant cookies (that is, cookie pizzas without the icing or toppings), and make up a sign telling people that if they can eat a whole cookie in, say, 10 minutes, I'll give them $5 to $10. Something new, and a bit of a challenge, because I want to find more ways to contribute like that. I haven't yet thought of what I would do if that person wasn't able to eat the whole cookie, but it could go that if they aren't able to, they give me $5, while if they are, I give them $10. Otherwise, there are just four giant chocolate chip cookies to be eaten. Surely that's not so bad either.

Apart from that though, I still have a fairly full night ahead of me, and I will definitely be going to 7-11 later, as the only things I've eaten / had to drink (aside from water) are half of a mini peanut butter cup, and a small glass of apple juice. I am surprisingly not too hungry either, but I'll give it a bit of time, as that will almost certainly change by ~2am. Back to Mario no Super Picross I go for now though. Coincidentally, there are 10 puzzles left in level 10, then level S, and finally the twelve special puzzles visible on the title screen. I don't know if I can finish all of those by the end of the night, but level 10 is within reach, so let's get started~