December 5th, 2012

It Comes and Goes

I am more and more beginning to think that what happened this morning is some sort of brief illness, as opposed to a condition brought on by eating the wrong kind of food or something. I woke up a couple minutes before 1 in a bit of pain, when I'd previously felt fine, and it wasn't until about 1:45 that I was able to bring everything together to make that part of it go away. That wasn't all though, as now, I have a slight upset stomach, and my body's ability to keep itself warm feels relatively weak. Those could just as easily be due to not getting enough sleep last night, but I still laid down about an hour earlier than normal, because there wasn't anything else that I really wanted to do. I wrapped another Christmas gift, in the large box I took from work for that purpose, and if I remember, will look for a couple more appropriately sized boxes at work tonight, so I can wrap the other couple gifts I have in those too. That, or I just go to Dollarama tomorrow and buy a proper box or two, but I'd rather not spend money for a bit if I can avoid it. Between yesterday and today, I've spent about $70 at Giant Tiger, and also transferred $51.97 (I think) to my savings to account for this month's internet payment, which is a fair bit of money. Who knows though? Maybe I'll be lucky and go to work to find that I'll be paid ~$600 again. Mom and Dad would already get almost $200 of that, but the remainder should put me just up over $1,000 again. Then there's Friday this week, where I might have a chance of going to Walmart, so I'd need some money for that, and... we'll see.

Overall though, I'm just feeling kind of... blah (in one word) today. Yesterday was fun, because I talked to Dan for pretty much all of it, and we did talk a bit more today, but not really about anything in particular. I discovered last night that the reason I haven't been getting emails from the zoo is because whoever processed my membership renewal read the first part of my email address as "kanadur", but I fixed that up, so we'll see if I don't get some things eventually now. I did get that invitation to the members-only event for the white lions before, but that's because I gave them my alternate email address, and then decided to put my actual one down when I was there to renew my membership. Yeah. I've already asked for a ride to work tonight because I don't feel up to walking, so that's taken care of, and I'm really not sure what I'll do when I get home from work. Maybe even go straight to bed, but it depends on how tired I am. I did start working on Picross 2 again last night, so there's that to keep me busy, but I noticed today that it makes me even more tired if I'm drowsy to begin with, so I might fall asleep after only one puzzle or something. At any rate, I'm off to get ready, so this will be it until later. I should write about some of the things Dan and I talked about yesterday, because they're certainly interesting, but that's another thing we'll see about. Time to go see what work has in store tonight~