December 11th, 2012

I Must Write Something

I want to declare this day a loss in terms of writing something in here, but I just can't. It may be quarter to 11 already, but still, that gives me an hour and fifteen minutes, and if I just write something short, I might be done sooner than I expect, but I'm just too tired. I know I went to bed before 5am, so one would think waking up at noon wouldn't have such an adverse effect on me, but tell that to the ~2 hour nap I took earlier. Got home from Heart and Stroke just before 5, by the time 5:30 came I couldn't keep my eyes open, napped for about 10 minutes, still felt too tired to stay awake, and woke up a couple more times thereafter, each time deciding to just close my eyes and drift off to sleep again. I had interesting dreams during that time. In one, I was just getting done at Heart and Stroke, and decided I wanted to go to Giant Tiger for a couple more of the little pies I bought there before. In another, I was in Toronto again, bleaching my hair. Somebody was off at the table in the living room watching me, and then the dream jumped forward to have me standing in the hallway late at night, when all the lights were off, trying to silently make my way out to the kitchen to rinse out my hair. Curiously, the door to Dan's room was missing, and the door to Xion's room was replaced with a hallway that went back a fair distance. I'm awake again now though, and feel more or less like I'll be able to go for the rest of the night without napping again. Tomorrow, however, ought to be interesting. Waking up at noon, and closing in the same night? Sure. I enjoyed working with Linda (Manoah and Tryphena's mom) this afternoon, and Michele already said I'll be working with her again tomorrow (the work is really easy too), but something different will certainly come of another early night at work. As I said to James yesterday, I liked getting home earlier than normal on Sunday, but didn't like the stress of having to rush to get everything caught up before midnight. I would hope that changes once I adjust to it, but that hasn't happened yet.

Aside from Heart and Stroke though, I don't feel that there's very much to mention. There is one distinctly significant (and good) thing I could talk about, but to do that now would be preemptive so I will not, and the rest all feel like things that I could do, and thus could talk about, but don't know if I want to do. One such thing is that Sobeys is open 24 hours until the 23rd, so with a little more money, I'd like to go there after midnight sometime like I used to do on the way home from work. Then again, if I had more money I'd probably go out to Walmart tonight as well. I want to get one of the pillows I saw there before, and was going to ask for it to be a Christmas present so I don't have to pay for it myself, but when I asked Mom if I still had $20 left, she told me she bought something just yesterday night. Yeah. I'll still buy it for myself, and maybe one or two other things on top of that, but what about going to 7-11? What about ordering some special supper on Thursday, since it's my birthday (Little Caesars, most likely)? It fits, because I still need to start into those boxes of Kraft Dinner that I bought a couple weeks ago (and I do intend to have one for supper tonight), but there's this feeling of something missing, and if I choose to do something about it, I'm not going to be able to do the other things I want to. On a somewhat similar note, I've decided that I'll get a train ticket for going to Toronto in February with my first pay in January. I want to work up a list of groceries for Dan to go buy, but can't do that until I have final confirmation - a train ticket - that I will be going there again. In the meantime, at least for tonight, I want to go have a shower, and then probably see about supper. I finally received a shipping confirmation email for my copy of DJMAX Technika Tune last night, but the tracking page still hasn't updated past "Electronic Notification", so I'll probably be waiting for another week yet. Just so long as I don't have to wake up early again next week~