December 13th, 2012

It's Been a Fun Day

Let's compare my birthday this year to the way things went last year. At this time back in 2011, I was in Toronto, probably just getting home from having gone out for supper with Dan, Chris, and Xion. I remember I took the last train, and it didn't arrive 'til almost 10pm, so that seems about right. Otherwise, the rest of the day was spent doing normal things at home, and then I had supper (quiche) with Mom and Dad, who wished me a happy birthday, and that was that. I think Adam and Naomi were both out. Then there's this year, where things haven't really been any more focused toward doing things at home, but I think I enjoyed myself just as much, if not a little bit more. It'd take too long to try to write proper paragraphs about exactly what happened though, so per usual, I'll resort to a point-form list, ordered chronologically:

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Since then, I talked to Dan a bit more, and directly asked him to wish me a happy birthday, because he still hadn't (he did, observing that he asked about it, but didn't say anything), then he said he had company over, and thus couldn't really talk, so I'm pretty well on my own for the rest of the night. I received a touching email from Squeeze earlier, which was nothing more than Happy Birthday (the song) and "Hope you're having a great birthday! ^^", which I really like(d). I've wanted before for friends to wish me a happy birthday on my birthday, but it never happened, unless I mentioned it myself. To be fair, I did tell Squeeze my birthday was coming up in one of our past emails, but I said nothing about it today, so... thanks again, if you're reading this, and otherwise, yay <3 Things at home have been mostly nonexistent - Mom and Adam sang happy birthday earlier, and I was presented with a card and Gravity Rush. Other plans (supper, I presume) are being saved for next Thursday, which I feel will work out perfectly. We can get back to my birthday then, and I'll also have been paid that morning, so I can plan to go out to Walmart and Real Canadian Superstore around 3, then to McDonalds on the way home. There is a full week during which something could happen to prevent / impede that, but for now, those are most definitely my plans. I could still go out there this coming Saturday, and maybe after work on Monday as well, but I don't have the money for that yet. I really can't even justify going to Sobeys later (I think I mentioned that above), but want to, if only just... for the sake of doing one last special thing with the night. I have some cleaning up to do here first though (leftovers from other special things I was doing earlier), so maybe I'll be able to think of something specific to get while I'm working on that. If not, I suppose a couple more yogurt bowls would suffice. Three of those would give me something to look forward to having after work the next three nights, and still leave me with ~$30 to spend. Then again, I was also thinking earlier that I could use tonight to wrap more Christmas presents. Could I do both? Yes, but I should start with cleaning up. The rest will depend on how much time I have afterward~