December 23rd, 2012

Just a Slow Afternoon

I should probably say something of recent events today, but nothing really comes to mind...

Despite Tom's expectations, work last night proved to be quite slow after 11 again, so apart from doing / finishing up some extra cleaning then, Laura said she was just thinking the same thing when I volunteered to go home at midnight, and that's just what I did. For the briefest moment, I was considering walking out to Walmart to have a more thorough look for a pink one of those throws, but I didn't, instead walking straight home to work on wrapping Manoah's blanket, and finishing up Tom's cookie pizza. I got home at ~12:30, so both those tasks should've taken me until 2 at latest, but no, it was 4:30 by the time I got back upstairs, due to... difficulties. For one, I ended up getting into conversations with both Dan and Squeeze, and for two, shortly after finishing wrapping that blanket, I discovered that I didn't have any maraschino cherries, even though I was sure I had half a bottle left last time, so I had to go out to Sobeys. It still ended up being a productive night in the end, so that's good, but I'm also really tired again today, which isn't. A couple things said right before Squeeze and I said goodnight to each other still kind of bother me (the best way I can put it for the moment is "Is Squeeze your character / fursona, or is that just a personal nickname you go by?", because I'm not getting into that "character has its own identity" thing again), but I've written up a bit about it in an email draft for now, and have decided to wait for a couple days before I send it, just in case I think of anything else to say in the meantime.

In regards to this afternoon now, I've really just been biding my time. Played Gravity Rush for a bit earlier, but put it down in frustration because I'm tired of having to fight a boss / endure a "defeat all the nevi!" every five minutes, and StepMania a bit before this, but now I just have to wait until 6:30, to get a ride to work. Tom's cookie pizza is ready to go, as is Manoah's gift, and the apples shouldn't take an hour to go out for, but I also bought another bar of dark chocolate at Sobeys last night, this time with chili peppers in it, which I intend to share with whoever's there, as I was telling James about it on Friday. Other than that though, it's been kind of a boring day. I could change my status in Skype to available, and possibly get a message from Squeeze, but I'm trying to avoid talking every single day, so I don't get used to it. I forgot to vacuum my floor earlier, so that will need to be done tomorrow, as will laundry, to get ready for tomorrow evening (I haven't decided if I'm going to the carols by candlelight thing, but I have no need to stay at home this year), and... things. On a completely random note, based on what / who I know so far, I've come up with an amusing and relevant possible name for a furmeet here, but I don't want to say what it is yet, as I'm not in the right mood. All I really want is to go to work, think of enough to do when I get home while I'm there to keep me busy, and maybe go to bed early. It's just that kind of day, but we'll see what happens as the night goes on. For all I know, heading to work could be exactly what I need to wake me up~