December 25th, 2012

Not Much of a Christmas

Setting the fact that it's the 25th aside, this is pretty fun. I decided to at least make the effort to wake up around 8, but instead of doing so myself, Naomi jarred me awake by knocking on my door and asking if I was coming downstairs. I replied by asking if it was really already eight, but didn't hear anything else from her after that, for she was already on her way downstairs again. Ericka notwithstanding, she's one of the biggest problems with today. She's been acting like this is her day alone, and we only exist to give her presents, and put up with her acting like a kid. Before I went back to sleep, I heard her shouting to Mom: "You didn't give me my slippers yet!", followed by a pause, then "Well you'd better find them then!" Here is an emphatic *sigh* because I'm tired of that attitude already. I was looking forward to Christmas - Christmas Day, that is - for giving everybody what I got for them. I am honestly a little curious about what other people got for me, especially when it comes to those PSP-related items, but overall, I couldn't care less about getting things. I did go back to sleep eventually though, like I just said. I stayed up for an hour or two first, because I was more or less awake, but at ~10:30, laid down again, and drifted off to sleep. It wasn't until ~2pm that I woke up and decided to stay awake after that, but even now, nothing else is going on. I went downstairs for a bit, to see if there was any sign of turkey or other food being ready, and sarcastically told Adam and Trish that I was sorry for not waking up earlier - they both said they couldn't blame me - then got into a bit of a tiff with Naomi, and now I'm back upstairs again waiting for food. "What about the gifts I have?" one might ask... I'll get to those later. Maybe around 6 or 7pm, when the Christmas part of the day has mostly settled down. I noticed a stocking full of things hanging from my doorknob earlier, but I feel about the same way regarding those as I do toward other, larger gifts. It's not that I don't care, but I don't care enough.

On the better side of things, I think yesterday went pretty well, but how do I approach it? In a point-form list, I suppose, because I frustratingly do not have the patience for detailing events in full.

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Now, as for that thing that I worked on after getting Ericka's toy set up... My copy of DJMAX Technika Tune did arrive yesterday, suffice it to say. Not in the morning, as mentioned then, but when they arrived at Aunt Marie and Uncle Mark's house, Adam told me another package had come for me, and that he would've brought it with him, but wasn't sure if he should do that or not. Looking back now, it wouldn't have done much good, because the game is seemingly incompatible with firmware 1.80. It would install, but upon opening the livearea to actually launch the game, my Vita would freeze, and upon restart, would give a message saying that it wasn't properly shut down. I thought for a few minutes, trying to decide if sending an email about the matter was really worth it, but I figured they'd just advise me to upgrade my firmware, so that's just what I did. I now have 2.02 (I believe), and the game is working. What's more, though, is that since I temporarily have access to the PS Store again, I downloaded just about every free application I could find, as well as the demo for Gravity Rush (which I've already beaten), and DLC for the same. And here I thought I could go an entire month without making any charges other than the internet on my credit card. Oh well. At least that's only $10. I'll wait for the usual three days, and then just pay that off once it shows in my recent activity, so I don't have to worry about it. As for the game (DJMAX), it's fun, and different, but also hard. Even on easy, it's hard, which makes me so very confident about what's to come.

At any rate, I've just gone out to ask Mom and Dad if they could say when we'll be eating. Dad said probably around 5, but Mom said more like 3:30, even though it's after 3:30 right now, so I assume she means 4:30. I told them I want to give them the gifts I have at / around 6, so now it's just a matter of finding other things to do until then. I know of several things I could do, but I might as well start by picking myself up and getting ready for what's to come, instead of dwelling on the unimpressive beginning to the day. The first item on my list? Going to see if there are any cinnamon buns or cider left. I don't absolutely need something to eat, but a drink would be nice~