Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

So Begins Another Week...

With a rather "meh" start to it as well. I have to work at 8, and Mom leaves for work at 7, thus I'll be walking, which would be something to look forward to, had an item that was supposedly shipped out on the 26th of December shown up yet :s But then again, I'm not only waiting for that, but also for a reply to the emails I sent to Michele, asking her if she wanted me to come in this week, Josh, wanting to know if he wanted me to buy a copy of Burnout Legends for him online, since he can't find it anywhere here, and from *ahem* "Zephyr" more or less asking "Where the hell is my order this time?" Not only did my first one get lost (or "delayed", I suppose), but they also managed to screw it up, and yeah :\ Not boding very well for continued business with them, if you will.

But I suppose it's good that we have three closers tonight. Steve, Karen, and me. Same as yesterday, except Ange was there 'till 10 (quarter to, really), and I just about had it with her. For two reasons. One, she felt the need to make up half a bean. As I walked by, I told her "Do it in a double-bagged pan". Twice, because she didn't react in any way the first time I said it. The second time, I got a quick "No".

Her new "excuse" for not doing whatever is that Shawn (or maybe it's spelled with a "u"), the district manager, could walk in at any time, and we'd all get in trouble. For example, she'll bag pans, but won't actually put the food in them, and she'll do the fry dump, but not bag bertha (the big metal bin all the dropped lettuce, cheese, and such falls into), because it's "unsanitary". Let me ask you, which do you think is worse? Letting the food accumulate in there all day, or washing it out, and putting a bag in it, so when the bag gets full, you can simply take it out and put another one in?

And that aside, she was also giving Brandon quite a bit of trouble about the length of his hair, telling him he either needed to get it cut by his next shift, or wear a hairnet. Meanwhile, Gabby is dressed in her normal clothes (not her uniform), but is meanwhile standing on line, and the two of them are carrying on a conversation. That happened while I was bringing bertha back up from being washed (she may not do it but we will), so while I was still standing behind her, I pointed it out. She didn't say anything, but I hope she heard me.

And then after Gabby left (oh yes, it gets better), she and Karen followed each other around the store while Ange told the whole story of how she "Came to have feelings for Jess", and the various events that happened along the way involving her family and boyfriend. Time and place.

Karen, too, which is an interesting sort of pattern. All the employees there that I haven't liked working with so far (Teresa, Ange, Jess, and now Karen), have had one thing in common. What it is, I won't say, because it should be obvious enough, but it's interesting. As for her though, for the past couple days now, almost everything out of her mouth has been "My partner" this or "My partner" that. Last night, she finally let slip with "She".

Honestly, I don't particularly care. Am I a bit jealous that they can be open about it? Sure, but where I'm concerned, once again, time and place, without so much emphasis on the place.

My single problem with it is this: you come to work to work. I'm all for sitting down in the dining room and playing games or whatever when most / all of the work is done, or if you're on your break, but otherwise, do what you're supposed / expected to.

One work-related thing that I will post outside of that cut though is that Steve wants to buy Adam's other PSP. As in the one that was dropped in the bathtub :p I see no problem with that, aside from him not having a computer, and thus not being able to put games on it, but if he does buy it, and worse comes to worse, I'll just take the memory stick home with me and put games on it for him.

Anyways though, I might as well give myself 'till 6 here, then get the dishes done, because although I have it on good faith that I won't be on drive through tonight, I can't say for sure (especially since we'll probably send Karen home early).


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