January 2nd, 2013

Don't Have the Time

Some time ago, I downloaded a hack from SMWCentral called "Danmaku Mario World". Along with the hack proper was a password-protected ZIP file containing a SRM file (battery save, as I understand it), for access to a secret level. In most cases of files being locked like that, the password is provided at the end of the game, but that wasn't the case with this one, so I was left having to look for a different way to open it. Last night, I happened upon a program to brute-force the password, and, not being sure of the length, specified a maximum of ten characters. When I went to bed it was still working through 6-character passwords, with approximately ten hours remaining, so I figured it would be all finished up (but not necessarily have discovered the password) by the time I woke up. As it turns out, that ten hours was only for six-character passwords. For 7, on the other hand, the estimated time remaining (when I stopped the program) was 45 days, 7 hours, 27 minutes, and 58 seconds. I won't even be here in 45 days, let alone have my laptop running constantly throughout that time, considering I'll probably shut it down several times to take to Squeeze's place. I can't help but wonder what sort of time would be required to scan through all ten-character passwords though. If a massive 45 days is added from simply adding one character to the length, it wouldn't surprise me at all if the time remaining was more than a year by the end, and for what? An extra level in a videogame? I haven't checked if it's locked to Lunar Magic yet, but if it isn't, I could just as easily fiddle around in there, and gain access to the level right from the beginning.

Apart from that though, I feel like I don't quite have the time to talk about everything I'd like to say today. It's nearly 7:10 already, and there are a few things I'm looking forward to doing after work, not to mention somewhat seriously considering asking Squeeze if she's up for company tomorrow night, instead of just keeping to myself, because that'd make it easier to give her, Evo, and possibly Totts some of the TV shows I have downloaded. I still have running around to do tomorrow though, as well as dishes, and surely other things that will come up then, so we'll see. One thing I know for sure about going there now though is that I either can't stay up until 8am after getting home, or if I do, I can't try to wake up at ~2pm, like I would if I'd gone to bed at 6. For nights before I go back to work, then fine, I can have work to keep me awake, but otherwise, the same thing that happened last night will happen again. I got really tired around 10, and as such laid down and slept until ~2:30. From there, I woke up again and found some things to keep me busy, but then at 6, was a bit too awake to go right back to bed. I don't know when I fell asleep again, but what I do remember is having an unsettlingly realistic dream about my laptop not working, including thoughts of having to buy a new one, and sleeping about ten minutes past when my alarm went off, because the volume was really low. The good thing is that I don't feel too tired right now, but... give it time. With that said though, I'm off to get ready for work. James is there until 11, so that should be alright, and then it's just Laura and I afterward, which will probably be about... normal. Time to go find out~