January 9th, 2013

Better the Second Time?

As I sit here thinking about work later, I think the only thing I actually know I want is to not get distracted by Manoah again. The problem about him answering the phone is frankly not something I can be bothered to care enough about, which does still leave something I forgot to write about yesterday - him possibly insisting that we're closed before we should be - but if that does end up being a problem, I'll find some way of telling him I'll go to Mary if he does it again. I don't like getting customers at the last minute anymore than anybody else, but I'd rather serve them and be delayed a bit for it, than turn the light off and put the garbage in the window, and risk getting in trouble. Beyond that, I wouldn't mind trying to talk with him a bit more, if he could put off jumping to conclusions, and we had enough time to talk, but I'm getting ahead of myself. My first goal for the night is to leave at ~6:50, so I can go to Tim Hortons and get him the drink I wasn't able to before.

Work aside, I feel like it's been a pretty standard day. Sleep until 3, grocery shopping at 4, get home at about 5, and since then, eating a few too many snacks. I'm actually kind of hoping to hear from Squeeze either before I leave for work or shortly after I get home, because I wouldn't mind going over there again, but last night was still... interesting. The first part was fine - Super Mario Galaxy (both the first and second), as well as some more Smash Bros. Brawl, which I did much better in (beat her in half the matches we played, instead of only one) - but then she asked what other games I'd brought, and ultimately settled on Trauma Team. I left it up to her to decide which doctor and which episode to play, and she picked the very first forensics mission, saying she had plenty of time in response to my telling her they took a while to go through. An hour and a half (approximately) later, and she was just finishing up, by which point I had to go home. Yes. Upon turning my laptop on again though, I did promptly tell her that just sitting there while somebody else played was boring, to which she said she hadn't expected it to take so long, as well as that she'd like to do more of the two player mode next time. I definitely agree with that, but was also enjoying playing Super Mario Galaxy and Smash Bros. with her, so hopefully more of that happens next time. That said though, I had a markedly more delicate (at least for me) issue to mention, which concerned her smoking. For the most part, I can get past the actual smoke, because her cigarettes aren't nearly as bad as Manoah's, but coming home to find that my backpack and clothes still smell that way is not something I can allow to continue. I asked if she'd mind letting me know in the future, so I could go sit outside her room and play with Butters or find a game on my PSP until she was done, but she said that if it "bothered me that much", she could try to either smoke outside, or smoke in the bathroom with the vent on. Both are fine by me, and if I'm not mistaken, she does have a balcony which she could use, but... I still feel kind of like I'm imposing. I know I'm not the only one, because she said Totts and Evo don't like the smoke either, but they're apparently more used to it, and I'm not, so... yeah.

Speaking of them though, I was informed of something interesting before I left yesterday night. Dan sent me a message to say hi, and we chatted for a bit after I told him I'd be heading out when Squeeze got back to me. Near the end of our conversation, he noticed that Totts showed as not being added on his Skype contact list, and that he didn't have Evo either. I noticed the obvious discrepancy with the latter, but apparently he just noticed Evo has a profile on his (Dan's) site, which is fair enough. Shortly after that though, he also said that Evo had blocked him on Steam. I tried to offer explanation in the form of telling him Evo had told me his Steam was invite-only, but it's just... difficult. Totts and Evo were supposed to join us last night, but weren't able to make it after things fell apart shortly following them asking Squeeze if she was up for company. I told Dan I'd try to ask Totts if she'd removed him from her contact list, and if so, why, but Squeeze said I might give her a day or two first. As for Evo, it's difficult, as stated above. I want to be able to offer some answers, but really don't know what to say.

This'll probably be it for another night though, because by the time I get my uniform ready and head out, it'll be after 7. Hopefully it's a slow night again, but it's only four hours either way, so as long as I get to Tim Hortons first, that shouldn't matter~