January 14th, 2013

Success at the Very End

Looks like I'm running out of time again today, but at least I have a different reason for it in this case. I just spent almost an hour trying to find this picture to show to Squeeze. Near the end, I noticed a pronounced feeling of "If I don't find this before work, I'll be distracted all night", but now that I have, I can be somewhat of a clear mind again, which I need, considering my situation with sleep. Back on Saturday night / Sunday morning, I didn't go to bed 'til ~9am, and got up at ~3. The day after that, on Sunday night / Monday morning, I didn't go to bed until about 8:30, but slept until 4 this time. Just a little more, which I hope won't hurt anything, considering this is mainly so I can get myself up early tomorrow and not feel tired later at night for it, but we'll find out then. Otherwise, one good thing I can say for now is that I'm not half as conflicted as I was over things yesterday. I actually downloaded the particular episode of that show that sparked things off to begin with, and skimmed through the half that affected me. Know what thoughts came to mind? That even though it involved fursuits, I could honestly relate to that. I'm still not sure that I want a fursuit, because the desire isn't really there, but I'm really glad the conflict and insecurity went as quickly as it came on. I don't know where that leaves certain things that I said I might tell Squeeze about at a better time, but I suppose there's still no harm in talking about them, so long as I can find a reason.

In completely unrelated news, it seems I was right about my prediction regarding rotation of closing managers at work. As of Tuesday on the newest schedule, Mary is the closing manager, but there's one other thing on it that I didn't notice before. Heather is the other closer, which I at first took to mean that we'd have three people again, but according to James, Mary wants to keep it at two, because we've been managing fine with that so far, and as such, Tom will probably be switched to days, and I might end up with supper shifts instead. That'll probably take some adjustment, considering I've been working the same schedule and the same hours since August, but it's also apparently only for a week, because Mary needs to train Heather on how to close, so I'm rather looking forward to it. I figure I'll be scheduled to work until 12 at latest on Friday and Saturday, so while I may have been somewhat put out by Tom asking to switch shifts next weekend, leaving me done at midnight on Friday instead of Saturday for the second schedule in a row, I could have more time than normal to hang out with Squeeze, Totts, and Evo. It's definitely something to look forward to, but Squeeze previously told me that she doesn't like planning to have company over in advance, so I shouldn't get my hopes up for anything.

Otherwise for today, I think I'm going to ask for a ride to work again, in hopes of being able to go to Food Basics to look for Lunchables first. I meant to yesterday, but was delayed (which is somewhat ironic, considering I wrote a LiveJournal entry before I went to bed), and might not have enough time, and if I do, might not find anything there tonight either, but I still want to look. I won't be getting any snacks tonight, and very likely won't stay up too much longer than 5 or so, so I do have the money. Hopefully I can put it to use~