January 15th, 2013

A Difficult Kind of Boredom

It just goes to show what happens when I anticipate, but this is exactly what I get for expecting to not still be here at this time tonight. I'd just love to see a popup from Skype down in the corner right now, but as it goes, I've been waiting for something of the sort since ~9:30pm. Fatigue overtook me and I fell asleep for a couple short naps earlier, which I'm rather getting to enjoy for the quick, interesting dreams they bring, but as of right now, I'm no longer particularly tired. Instead, I'm slowly fending off frustration, and trying to think of other things to do, either for the rest of the night, or until I get such a message as the one described above. I could go out to 7-11, but the desire for snacks on my own isn't strong enough, leaving me with options to sort through and start converting episodes of an old TV series I've been downloading, actually reply to Dan's most recent email (we agreed in IRC that talking to Evo in person would likely be a better way of trying to establish contact with him again), or both. When it comes to the latter though, were it not for the element of procrastination, I'd just wait until I have a train ticket. I just can't think of much to say to the rest of his email. On a related note, I'm starting to feel as if I may have told Dan more than I should have concerning Evo's side of things, but it's a frustrating situation to be in. If I knew Evo better, I would absolutely try to find some way of telling him "You took it the wrong way", but the same goes for Squeeze, who had similar feelings about not knowing Dan well enough.

In other news, I know there are more things I could write about now, such as something that happened to me at work last night (technically on Friday night, but I didn't learn of it until yesterday), but I just need to find something more to do so it feels like I'm actually making use of the night off, instead of just obsessing over how it's not going like I imagined. I could still go to bed now, of course, but things would be worse later if I did that, so I'll start with that show (season 2 for now), and see what happens from there. It should take a couple hours, at least~