January 24th, 2013

A Bit of Everything

I hate how the minute I start writing, everything I was previously thinking about saying just up and vanishes. From where I left off yesterday though, things went relatively well, but were pretty tiring. Back on Tuesday night, I bought a bottle of anise extract on eBay, because Cheryl requested that I make licorice cookies for her when I'm in Toronto next month. Skip ahead to yesterday afternoon, and what did I find while browsing through the baking supplies aisle in Real Canadian Superstore? More of the same, so I bought another bottle, and have one as such, even if the other doesn't arrive in time (although it should). I also bought a couple bowls of yogurt and berries and oats for myself, as well as a bag of Skittles, and I think that was all. I wasn't sure what time it was, so I didn't ask to go over to Walmart (again), or Dollarama, instead going right back home. Groceries were unpacked, and I went upstairs to have a quick sit / lie-down on my bed, before getting up to head off to work. I ended up getting a ride, actually, because I didn't want to be late, and walked in to see... somebody new. A tall guy, not dressed in a uniform, holding some sort of tablet computer. At first I thought that he might be the plumber, there to ascertain and fix the problem with the pipe(s) behind the grease trap, but no. I went out front again, and talked to James and Manoah for a bit, offering them some Skittles, before learning that he was actually the auditor. Yes. I was somewhat nervous, but tried not to let on, and the hour I saw him for seemed to go pretty smoothly anyway. So far as I knew, things went well with that, although Mary was going on a bit about losing points over some more trivial matters, and from there, the night was about normal. It wasn't very busy, and I felt pretty tired, but I made it through anyway. I wanted to ask (but didn't) who the dining room closer for Friday and Saturday night would be, because on both nights, Tom works 'til 11, and I'm there until midnight, but I figure I'll just wait and see. I'd like to not have to be responsible for last-minute customers again, but even if I am, it's not like I wouldn't have an extra hour to clean up after them.

Work aside now, the rest of the night went more or less downhill slowly but steadily. Shortly after I got home, I went into trying to decide what to have for supper. On one hand, I could make another box of Kraft Dinner, and have the apple crisp that was left from supper for me, but on the other, I kind of liked the idea of calling Pizza Tonite again. I went so far as to go downstairs and look over their menu again, but eventually decided that there wasn't anything new that I really wanted to get. As such, I made Kraft Dinner, and along with that had a piece of strip steak that was left over from a couple nights ago, and that bowl of apple crisp. I brought my other yogurt with berries upstairs too, but felt too full to eat it. From there, the responsible thing to do would've been to start working on my grocery list for Dan, but instead, I went through and updated my list of TV show episodes, and shortly thereafter went to bed, because stress and bad thoughts had started to overwhelm me. Perhaps coincidentally, they all concern Squeeze, and as such I should talk to her, but I don't really want to. I don't just want to say "These things bother me, so take that into advisement", because they're pretty silly to begin with. At any rate, I'm writing this to at least get them out, so let's start with that, and see where I feel like going after.

a] The past couple times I've gone there, I've worn one of my hoods, because of how cold it's been. Much as I could see myself doing, Squeeze said she really liked it, but then, the last time I was there, asked what it had cost. I told her, and she said she couldn't afford one, but then went into how she might be able to find a pattern, and make one for herself. Why does that bother me? Probably because I don't currently possess the knowledge or experience to make things of my own like that, even though I'd like to. I wish instead of having had to get a tail that's too short (the one I have right now), I knew how to make my own, so I could get it exactly as long as I wanted. Really, the basic construction seems simple - two fat pieces of fur sewn together at the sides and bottom, with stuffing pushed inside, then sewn up along the top with two belt loops - but I do not know how to sew.
b] As mentioned at least once before, I have a fair few bracelets from her now. The first one was a personal "thanks for being my friend" from her, but the others are all made of colors I picked out myself, that I thought would look neat. Shortly after asking if I could get more (back when I had only one) though, she said she used to wear one around her ankle all the time, so the next time I was there, she made it up, tied it around her ankle, and even braided off the strings at the end, which I thought looked neat. Skip ahead to a day or two ago now though, and she said it was actually too tight, so she would probably make a new one, and thus should cut the other one off while she was thinking about it. Yes. For some reason the "cut it off" part of that conjures up thoughts of "I hate you now". Just like when I thought she'd cut up the scarf she said I'd probably like, it's offensive. Sure, in the end they're just pieces of string / a scarf, but either I have a problem of placing too much value on insignificant things (even things which don't belong to me), or it goes back to not yet being able to make such things for myself. At least where bracelets are concerned, not being able to is only a matter of not being bothered to look up a tutorial (especially now that I know where to get string), which could be changed quite easily.

I thought there was a third item at first as well, but right now, all I really care about doing is going to start the dishes. Once those are done, I can start with the rest of my night, but at this point, I'm kind of uncertain about whether or not I'll get out to Dollarama. Too many other things to do...