January 26th, 2013

A Sudden Burst of Productivity

I'd like to know how it is that I can go for a little over a month without touching Picross 2, then in one night, spend a solid three hours completing twelve puzzles. Was I just bored yesterday? Maybe I was trying to distract myself from still being a little hungry? Whatever the case, from 2:30 until 5:30 I was busy with that, and as such, would consider myself to be sufficiently back into that again. I likely won't get much done on it this afternoon, as I work 5 - midnight again, but it's progress nonetheless. I also noticed just last night that I'll probably be taking next Thursday to myself, so I can get to work on my end-of-the-month backups after midnight, and since it was a concern before, now I have a proper reason to back up my projects folder along with everything else. The one thing that leaves to be desired is finding something for supper / to snack on tonight, because in spite of saying I wouldn't, I went to 7-11 instead of Tim Hortons on the way home yesterday. I figured what I wanted most from Tim Hortons was a cafe mocha, which would keep me up too late when I had to be awake early this afternoon, yet I still wasn't close to falling asleep until 7, which... figures.

Staying up a little to late aside though, I think yesterday went pretty well overall. At first, I was disappointed about not being able to go out to Walmart before work, but in retrospect, even that proved positive, because I remembered just last night that I want / need to get some more jellybeans for the furmeet next month, and I wouldn't want to have to make two trips. Past that though, the walk to work was quite fun. Somewhat slippery, which was to be expected, but otherwise the conditions were just right. Work itself was long, and I'd have liked a brief five minute break at 8, had I known I was to be put on drive through until midnight, but even though I didn't get one, or perhaps because of it, I was able to get the drive through area all stocked up and cleaned nicely, and had all of the dishes caught up (including those from the hot food, which I really wouldn't expect Mary to allow to be bagged two hours early) when I left. Will tonight go the same? Hopefully, but the supper staff are different than they were yesterday, so unless I specifically ask Laura to be responsible for backups so I can work on the dishes in the meantime, I'll probably have a fair few more waiting for me at 8. Alternately, Mary or Heather could just take over drive through at 8, but that's pretty unlikely.

As for other loose ends, I sent four different emails before I went to bed last night, but so far have only one reply waiting for me, from Squeeze. Another email was to Dan, containing the majority of my grocery list for next month, and two more were concerning commissions. I still have one more to write as well, but that requires me to read and reply to the first two messages I have from the other person, which I haven't done yet. Everything with time, of course, but then part of me goes back to remembering the three hours I spent last night. At any rate, I'll just end this here so I'm ready to go at 3. I still know exactly what I want, so it's just a matter of getting out there~