February 2nd, 2013

A Slightly Difficult Situation

Continuing with where I was going with part of my previous entry, there were several new things at work last night. Some were just new rules, such as that once we run out of pennies, we'll be rounding up or down to five cents. Alongside that, we'll no longer be held responsible for the outstanding amount if our tills are short one dollar or more. In fact, the new limit will be $5, but instead of having cash shortage slips, write-ups will be given to anybody whose till still comes up short, to which I presume the same rule of 3 write-ups for the same thing in a month leading to being fired would still apply. I can't help but wonder what would happen if somebody was consistently short $2~$4. Would they get a write-up? Not immediately, but I'd have to think they would still get a talking-to eventually. That aside though, the other new thing concerned the newly-founded "drive through squad". The name may be cheesy, but what caused significantly more of an issue last night was neither Tom nor Laura being on it. In fact, apart from managers (Laura aside, as previously noted), Cheryl, Nicole, Danny, and I are the only ones on the list. Fun, yes? Tom was still on drive through until midnight anyway, and was overly pleasant with the customers, which came to be a little annoying, but that's just the way it goes, I guess. Apparently the list of people will be changed / added to each week, so perhaps he'll be on it whenever Mary and Tryphena get together again, but in the meantime, it's kind of fun. Difficult all the same, because I was technically the only one who could've been on drive through yesterday, but... it worked out.

In better news, the second half of the night went well. For all the customers we had before midnight, they just completely went away once Tom left, giving Laura and I plenty of time to get everything caught up and ready to go for 3. There were still a few customers, of course, but I shouldn't be able to wash the last few dishes, clean out the sinks, clean the grill, clean the wall behind the grill, wipe line down with bleach (because I had been standing on it), and still be done at 3:23. I even completed my extra cleaning for tonight yesterday, meaning I have only to hope that Squeeze is home by midnight, because I'm hoping to go over there again. Totts and Evo might be around as well, because we were supposed to have Hamburger Helper tonight, but they couldn't afford the hamburger and the milk, so I offered to get it, and that should be a fun night. I really want to get Squeeze's help with a new bracelet I was trying to make, because my three attempts before I went to bed yesterday night didn't turn out. One seemed like it might be taking the shape I wanted it to, and I think I know where I went wrong, but it was frustrating nonetheless. I'd like to be able to make those things for myself, but it seems like I need to find some more patience.

I should be off now though. I've asked for a ride to work again, and there's a small chance Totts and / or Evo might be coming in at some point to get the hamburger and milk from me, but we'll see about that then. I have a four hour shift to go get started on, and have hopes that it'll go well, because yesterday seemed to too. It might be busy, but... that just makes the time go by faster~