March 17th, 2013

One More Short Entry

I still couldn't have taken care of this earlier this afternoon, right? I may have been awake 'til 9am, but I woke up at 3, and since then have been doing... nothing in particular, really. I watched a handful of movies from a Super Mario 64 video quiz on Youtube, and was about to switch over to watching a playthrough of Super Mario 74, when Squeeze sent me a message in Skype, and we got to talking again. Suffice it to say, compared to the way things were yesterday, the situation has improved considerably - we had a ~3 hour voice chat last night that I really enjoyed, and similar to what she said about the text chat we had on Friday, I didn't want that conversation to end - and it's honestly more of something for me than I can just mention and move on from. That's not to say I want to move on from it, but compared to the things I usually write about, which don't get brought up again in future entries, this very well might.

In short, she mentioned quite a while back that she had feelings for me, which she said were not going to lead to anything else. Skip ahead to Friday night after work, and I ended up saying essentially the same thing about her, which is what most of my entry from that afternoon was based on. As of this moment, I suppose it makes sense to say we're a little more than just normal friends, but I wouldn't say there's been enough of a change to say more than that. With time, that may happen, and I really think I would like / be open to that, but for the time being, I'm supposed to be going over to her place again after work tonight, where we will be playing more games and enjoying each others' company and such, and if what I mentioned again earlier this afternoon comes to pass, at least laying next to each other in bed while we do that. In a way, I can't help but see the way I'm looking at alot of this as kind of cute. I'd like to do things like that with her, but as I said in the voice chat we had last night, if you told me this is where we'd eventually be back when we first started talking, I would not have believed it.

On that note though, I did want to leave for work early, as today is apparently St. Patrick's Day, and I'd like to have the chance to get the dishes sorted out, assuming they're piled up, so I should be off to do that. Yesterday really went well in spite of the way I felt, and tonight might be a little different, because James is the closing manager (and oh, for the interesting things I could say about closing with Mary...), but I'll deal with that. I have something to look forward to while I'm there, which is all that's mattered before~