April 5th, 2013

Spending the Day Together

I guess I should know better than to sleep 'til 5pm again, right? If it makes any difference this time though, I got home from Squeeze's place at about 8, had a couple things to deal with which took until almost quarter to 9, following which I talked to her a bit before calling it a night, which does amount to eight hours of sleep, but it doesn't feel right. In a way, alot happened yesterday, and I want to write about it all, but it's also 6:40 right now, and I'm about halfway between wanting to write and wanting to find other distracting things to do.

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Since then, I've talked to her for just a bit today, and will be leaving for work right after this, to what should be a fun shift due to having slept 'til 5, but I'll find some way to deal with that. If nothing else, I'll just make a point to actually go to bed at 6 regardless of whatever actually happens when I get home, and try to continue that from there. The unfamiliarity with being up so early nowadays could also be part of my problem. I like to be, because it's always because I'm talking to / spending time with her, but having one's sleeping schedule thrown off is also slightly distressing, in a way. If that works though, I'll know by this time next week, and if it doesn't, I'll work something out. I hope work tonight isn't too busy...