April 11th, 2013

Something New to Obsess Over

...my need to have things just so has reached a new level. I just caught myself switching programs in a certain order so that in VistaSwitcher, both Google Chrome windows would be next to each other, as would Skype's contact window, and my conversation with Squeeze. It doesn't look right otherwise, but then again, perhaps I should give myself a break under the circumstances. I just spent the past several hours going through all of my torrents and converting all the TV show episodes to AVI and filing them away in the proper folders, and I'm past the point of being tired now, but I'm once again trying for the "write while you're awake" angle, so come tomorrow afternoon, I can actually properly sleep in if I feel like it.

That said though, what interesting things has today brought? I bought more groceries than I probably should've, to start. From Real Canadian Superstore alone, four 8~10 packs (I can't remember if they're all consistent) of little chocolate bars, a case of 12 cans of Mountain Dew, comprising four different flavors, three boxes of Pop-Tarts, a container of chocolate cream cheese, a surprise that I can't reveal because Squeeze will probably read this, and that may have actually been all. Meanwhile, I still have cereal and bagels and English muffins from almost a month ago now, so starting tomorrow, I should really make the effort to go through those. Also related to money, but possibly deserving to be mentioned separately is / are the two pairs of pants I bought from Giant Tiger. I saw them in the flyer yesterday night, and could tell they were clearly marketed to women, but the colors looked neutral enough, and the pants themselves looked comfortable, so away I went, and they are indeed comfortable, but slightly odd aside from that. As I told Squeeze, they're clearly meant for women, so while I can see definitely using a pair for sleeping there, they're not quite suited for general use. She might beg to differ, but I can only imagine, say, Evo's reaction...

Getting away from money spent now though, my pay was indeed for a little more than I expected it to be, and because I ended up spending less money than I expected to over the past couple weeks, I did something I haven't done in a very long time: transferred $1,000 into my savings account. Yeah. And I still have that much in my checking account, plus enough to give Mom and Dad their money tomorrow, and still have enough for other expenses. I may not have enough for a train ticket this week after all, but I can live with that. I feel somewhat obligated to email Michele and ask if it'll be an issue for me to be gone at the beginning of May anyway, so I shouldn't go to the train station until I've gone that. Overall though, it really seems like things are actually starting to go in my favor again. I have / had more than enough money, should have money coming back to me before the weekend from both Tom and Brandon, managed to finish pretty much everything I set out to do tonight, have plans to go hang out with Squeeze again tomorrow night, am considering going back to Giant Tiger and possibly No Frills tomorrow afternoon... It's all quite nice, but it has me on edge too. Everything suddenly going in my favor makes me feel like something bad is just around the corner, and the more I get caught up in these good things, the less prepared I'll be for it.

I hate to end this entry abruptly, but fatigue is really getting at me now, so I just want to lay down. It's not quite as nice out there as it was yesterday, and I don't feel as freshly clean as I did after I got out of the shower and dried off before, but I think I'll have a good sleep anyway. Maybe it'll be proper length for the first time in almost a week too~