May 17th, 2013

Finally Mentioning a Few Things

I think I'd rather this be a point-form / itemized entry now, because I've only got half an hour to 45 minutes left here. The afternoon thus far has been spent waking up just after noon, somewhat surprisingly, cuddling and doing other less-innocent things, having a shower, and just a short time ago, having my foot picked at for dead skin / scraped to remove the same. Following that, in just a little while, we (Squeeze and I) will be met my her mom, to go grab my uniform from home, and then to head off to Dollar Tree, because she has general shopping to do, and I want milkshakes. I probably shouldn't be thinking so much about spending money already, considering expenses in Toronto, but... yeah. That can be the first item on my list.

a] When Dan and I went to the zoo on Tuesday, I rather troublingly found the membership office blocked off. He wasn't helped much by it either, because he'd misplaced his membership card, and needed them to look up his account and give him a hand stamp, so we went back to the membership booth some distance behind us, and fortunately were able to deal with things there. I wanted to renew my membership though, and at first was somewhat surprised by the increased cost - $95 instead of ~$77, which I remember it being before - and it wasn't until I looked at my receipt while sorting through my wallet yesterday that I noticed something. Instead of paying for a renewal, I was charged the basic 1 year individual membership price, and was given a 5% discount, presumably for "renewing" my membership before it expired. Yeah. And I didn't even get my other card back either. I suppose I could have if I'd asked, but it didn't occur to me, and there's not much that can be done about it now.

b] I came home from Toronto a day early. That's something Squeeze and I had been discussing almost from the day that I got there, but indeed, on Saturday night, I was getting tired at the furmeet, and told Dan I needed to take a break, so I went upstairs, sent a quick message to Squeeze, noticed the time (a few minutes before 9), checked what time the ticket counter at Union Station was open 'til, and left her waiting for a reply while I rushed making sure I had my wallet, and wasn't taking the key to the party room with me and such. I then walked a very brisk walk down to the subway station, had a train come by almost immediately, and... fell asleep. I woke up just before Yonge station, which would've worked, but when I went up to the other platform, there were signs about stating that the subway wasn't running southbound due to track repairs, so I had to briefly contemplate taking the shuttle bus, which I probably would've got lost on, then went downstairs, took the other subway back to St. George station, went up and down and around to Union Station from there, and rushed up to the ticket counter just in time. Actually coming home and having the extra night / following day with Squeeze was really nice and very much needed, but I'm still tired, which I suppose I'm just going to have to deal with.

c] Just quick thoughts about the next time I go to Toronto, since we have only a few minutes now. Simply put, contributing to the furmeets as I do is becoming both repetitive to the point of annoyance, and rather expensive. It's not what I can actually foresee happening yet, but I'm thinking that if I try to go back in the Summer, I'll do it on some week other than when the furmeet is being held, so I can plan for going to Canada's Wonderland as the main event, then just find other things to do on the side. I'm still not sure how I'll feel about starting to miss them here and there (I have five badges hanging from the string attached to the ceiling fan in my room at home), but where it being less expensive and nonrepetitive is concerned, it is worth consideration.

Those three things will be all for today, because I need to go get ready. I wanted to write about how I've been feeling for the past couple days (a few more things that I've realized but haven't told Squeeze about), and there's a question she asked me last night of a personal nature that I really want to try to find an answer for (not a bad question, and as I understand it, she'd just like to understand), but those things can be on my mind at work tonight. It's James and I, with Tom 'til midnight, and I need something to keep me awake until I feel like it's late enough to open my energy drink, so yeah. That might give me more to write about in my next entry too, but we'll see then. Just so long as I don't miss another three days in a row~