April 23rd, 2014

Getting Things Out Now

I wonder if it's at all possible to avoid having a repeat of last night. It's just about 12:20 now, and I was intending to get up and wash dishes to start off being productive at 12:30, but then I thought that oh, maybe it would be nice to write first, so things aren't on my mind for the rest of the day.

Yesterday afternoon, we went out to do a bit of running around. Linda wanted to borrow money, Jen and I wanted something for supper, she and her mom wanted tomatoes (apparently bacon and tomato sandwiches are just to die for - so much that she had an incredible craving for one at ~4am a couple days ago...), and, somewhat more by surprise, Evo was coming over. We'd planned to call him later at night, but it wasn't until going out was decided that Jen thought she could call him then, and we'd just pick him up along the way, which worked out well. After collecting him, we went off to the bank. The one up on St. Clair, which was fine, because to my mind, all of our destinations - there, Subway, and Food Basics - were all in one area. Linda wanted to go to Frick's for fish, too, but that was fine, because she was the one driving. I go into the bank, and transfer an extra $20 from savings just to be on the safe side, and as I'm putting my PSP away / taking the money from the ATM and putting it in my wallet, this random guy comes in and says hi. I said hi back, and turned toward the ATM, hoping he would realize I was busy. Maybe, maybe not, because he continued on, "You know, it's so rare to see another furry around Chatham. I just wanted to say hi." I don't know what his expression was at the time, but I tried to smile, gave a pitful "...yeah..." in response, said "Well, hello, then", or somesuch, and then we shook hands, and I told him it was nice to meet him. Fine interaction and all, but just... I don't know. Maybe I wasn't in the best mood for that then.

Things afterward were fine, and I ended up getting myself both fish and a couple sandwiches, which is mainly why I haven't yet eaten anything today (and intend to continue going without until after work, hopefully), then we all just sat and did random things. Evo packed up and left around 11, and Jen decided that would be a good time to take the laundry down, so she did that, and my night slowly fell apart from there. I had a good, solid idea of what I wanted to do, for whatever that's worth. I would make use of the living room to be doing some weirdo things I've been wanting to for a while, possibly actually starting with the dishes first, and then use the momentum from having cleaning up to do after that to go right through to tidying up the bedroom. What ended up actually happening though? I laid down on the floor at some point to have peroxide and rubbing alcohol in my ears, in hopes of removing whatever blockage I can occasionally hear while I'm chewing, and then I just never got up. I wasn't tired at first or anything, but I did eventually fall asleep, and when Jen shook me awake to ask why I was still just laying there, I said it was because I was lacking the motivation to do anything else. Why, though? The best answer I can come up with is that I wanted her to help me with things in the living room in some form, but she just continued reading things on her computer, and I never could bring myself around to doing things on my own. Furthering that theory is how when she first went downstairs with the laundry, I was up and ready to clean and was starting to work up a list in my head, but then she returned and went back to reading, and I must've been in too strong a mood to do something together.

Presumably a while after that, I felt her shaking me awake, and opened my eyes slightly to notice all the lights were off. She asked if I wanted to go to proper bed, and I said yes, so I stumbled off, trying for everything to not look at the clocks. I fell asleep pretty quickly, finally waking up again at ~11:40, and I think the rest has pretty much been said. I want to start the dishes or whatever before she wakes up, and hopefully that can keep me going until other things are done, or I have to leave for work. Whichever comes first.

Apart from that, I had one dream last night to write about. I was in Toronto, visiting Dan. It was the day I just got there, and I was walking back and forth from the kitchen to the living room, when it occured to me that I'd only brought my backpack, meaning no rolling bag with baking supplies and such. Thoughts started going through my head of what that meant for the furmeet, but they were shortly replaced by thinking of what else I / we could do with the time. Nothing solid ever came from that, but the way the dream went just felt weird. When I was asleep, it was as if I was *there*. I did wake up briefly a couple times between, and the last time I woke up before the dream ended, it was as if the dream was entirely real. I had to specifically remember that I was laying in bed next to Jen, which was kind of disorienting for a few moments. That aside though, it was just kind of cold, because the window was open, and the fan was on the second speed, and the balcony door out in the living room was slightly open, but instead of forcing myself up to close those / turn the fan down, I just grabbed a second blanket. And it worked. Maybe it being cold is why Conner was legitimately crying when I woke up, though...

I suppose that's all I have to write for now, at any rate. Things I wanted to say have been said, I know exactly what I want to do next. Dishes, and then Evo's supposed to be over again today, and we're all going to be having supper cooked here. At least the kitchen will be clean~