June 16th, 2014

Just Another Random Entry

...3:10 in the afternoon
...I'm bored with watching random videos on YouTube
...this same thought keeps going through my head, and even though it's wrong, I always think it's right at first

Jen just got up, and was awake for only a few minutes before she laid down again. From what I understand, though, she was up until at least 9am waiting for people to come check the smoke detector in the entryway, only for the entire building-wide inspection to be rescheduled. Next time is only a week later, and same as today, I'm likely to just sleep through it, but for her sake, they had better come. Other than that bit of annoyance though, I keep finding myself thinking that today is the start of a weekend. Yesterday was our one year anniversary, so I asked to have it off from work, and I'm evidently used to returning to work on Thursday after having a day off, but it's only Monday, we're closed at midnight, and if anything, Tuesday is going to throw me off more. I asked for the 15th - Sunday - off so we could do our own things, as well as the 19th - Thursday - presuming that with normally having Tuesdays and Wednesdays off now, I'd just have the full three days. Mary, however, decided to take it a different direction, and was actually nice enough to give me shifts on those days I'd normally have off, so I could make up some of my hours. I asked her about it last Thursday, after noticing that she'd also scheduled me in to work 8 - close on the 25th, and I now have that one off, but still work this coming one. Whatever. I still get to work with Orlando, and being done at 11 should be a nice change. And after all that, what are our plans that made me want to have three days in a row off? Nothing too different from last year. Go to Dollarama, Walmart, and wherever else to do some shopping, see How to Train Your Dragon 2, then head to Boston Pizza for supper. Honestly, I would prefer it if we weren't on a time limit for shopping (Jen will be busy 'til ~5pm, and the movie starts at 7:40, so we'll probably want to be there around 7:20), and could go to supper before the movie, so we don't just fill up on popcorn / snacks, but... I do have both Wednesday and Thursday off. Maybe things could be spread out over both days. Shopping and movie on one, then supper and whatever else on the other? I almost want to wake Jen up right now to ask what she thinks...

For something less related now, yesterday was also Father's Day. I still regret that it happened, but we both ended up sleeping until almost 5pm, which threw a wrench into my wanting to walk over to the house to wish Dad a happy Father's Day, and just visit with everybody there for a bit. Wouldn't have worked anyway, considering they were gone out to Kelsey's then, but I still got ahold of him later at night, and he seemed to appreciate the call. I heard Adam shouting to me while I was on the phone that Trish and Ericka will definitely be here by the 18th, so it would be really nice to stop by and say hi to them, and Dad also mentioned how once they're here, we'll *all* be going out to some undisclosed place in the city. And not Lucky Inn either. If I had to guess, probably Boston Pizza, but I suppose we'll see. I'm sure Jen wouldn't mind going twice in the same month. Now, something different (more related to the day itself) is what a customer at work on Saturday told Orlando and I. Apparently he also lives just across the street from this building and sees me walking to work almost every day, but that's unrelated. He jokingly harrassed Orlando about needing to pick up the pace on line, then I gave him his food, and just before he left, he said "...and guys... if you are fathers, or have fathers somewhere, Happy Father's day". At the time, it was ~2:30 in the morning, and it caught me by surprise, so I just told him "You too!", but thinking back on it now, I really like the way that happened. If we have fathers somewhere, sure... "If you are fathers", though... I remember back when we were starting to get more serious that Jen was telling me about how friends of hers and other people she would talk to would ask about how I was with Conner, and how Audra was the only one who seemed to understand her "no pressure" stance. Even now, it's more just "If you want to do this in regards to him, you can, but I don't want to you feel like you *have* to do anything", and... yeah. To this date, I have never changed him, and can see that happening probably in the future somewhere, but not anytime soon. I will happily hold his hands away or pin down both his legs and arms when Jen requires assistance - it's a satisfying sort of payback for his occasional bouts of world-ending screaming, but apart from that, I just... don't know. What do I do with him that could make the phrase "Happy Father's Day" apply to me? Nothing that comes to mind, yet when Jen said "Oh, and by the way, Happy Father's Day" to me yesterday, I thought for an instant that I would feel uncomfortable and awkward, yet what I actually felt was a warmth / okay-ness. Mind you, at the same time I write this, I feel like I'm saying far too much about it, so I don't know.

...I should probably read this email from Michele now. When I was there last Thursday, I told her about how plans to come in on the 17th, 18th, and / or 19th were uncertain, because of what else might be going on, and she asked me to just email her. Friday morning, when I wanted to listen to music without waking Jen up, I noticed that my earphones weren't in my pocket. I care more about losing the PSP remote, because that's something I'd have to buy a replacement for online, but after checking at work, and in my pockets several more times, I included that in my message to her, and just for that fact, want a little more to not read her reply. I know I must though so... "Don't worry about coming in this week" she says (I told her I could help out for a few hours on Tuesday if she wanted), and yes, I left my earphones on the edge of the bathroom sink. Well done, self. At least they're not actually lost. As for work there as well, it's going pretty decently. I started off this time making all manner of stupid mistakes - using the wrong deposit date, not putting the school name (for school funded events) in the clearly-marked field, and receipting *all* amounts instead of just those over $15 - but now that I actually know what I'm doing again, it's been going better. Actual work has been going pretty well too. Amusingly, even though I've been switched over for several weeks now, I've yet to have one full pay period where I work a proper five closes followed by two days off, but maybe that'll happen after these days off I have coming right now. Tom's been getting on my nerves lately, which is nothing I can't deal with, but next Monday, I have the pleasure of working 5 - close with Manoah. My opinion of working with him has been up and down over the years, and maybe it'll still come back up, but any time I see him lately, he's just there to get a minimum of work done, and spend the rest of the time distracting other staff from what they should be doing. It doesn't seem like an entirely fair statement for the closers to say the day people have it easier than we do, but apart from simple sales and busyness, how is that not true? There *are* a few people - Bonnie, for instance - who do have a proper work ethic, but put one of these other people on a close and tell them "Know that stuff you usually leave for the next person? That has to be done before you can leave tonight", then watch the look on their face. Or maybe I'm getting old and bitter. I have been there for 8 or 9 years now... Different shifts equal different experiences, I suppose. The one main thing I have been enjoying lately is working with Orlando. For the most part, actually working with him isn't different than working with any other manager, but he's almost always closing, as am I, and it's nice to have somebody to walk home and talk with at the end of the night. Alot of the time we just end up grumbling about work, but really, pretty much anything goes. Would you believe Jen and Michelle (his girlfriend) have the same middle names? I actually learned that while we were at work, but just being able to talk about whatever is really nice.

Anyway, it's going to be 5:00 pretty soon (I'll be leaving for work at 6), and I'm going on ~1,600 words, so this should probably be it. I know I haven't written about everything I wanted to, but as I said last time, the main things are covered, and that's what matters. Hopefully this doesn't take too long for Jen to read~