June 22nd, 2014

It Doesn't Take Much...

Guess what? I've been called in to work early again. Was supposed to just work 8 - close, but stumbled out to find a message from Manoah saying "somebody" had called in sick. Called back, talked to Gabby... that's done and taken care of, and in all likelihood, Jen still won't be back before I leave.

I really do feel bad for the way the next few days are going to end up for her. Today, she had to get up early to go to a birthday party at her mom's. I was invited, but declined, largely on the grounds that I worked until 4am yesterday, plus a couple more reasons to be explained in a bit. Tomorrow (Monday), there's a rescheduled-from-last-Monday fire alarm test at 9am. Said test requires access to all units, and as she's still sleeping in the living room, and would rather not be woken up, she's probably going to stay up all night. Finally, on Tuesday, she has to take Conner to have another x-ray done at ~9am. Yep. He seems back to his usual self now, so presumably whatever happened has healed on its own, but I suppose they'll find out for certain that morning. I, on the other hand, have nothing different from normal coming up. An extra few hours at work today, yes, but that's normal, then I work 5 - close again tomorrow (unfortunately with Manoah - bleh), and on Tuesday, I'll just be back to Heart and Stroke for ~2, and then at the house for a little bit after that, because Adam and Trish want to borrow a Wii, and they've decided the router there needs to be replaced, and would like my assistance in finding a new one. Here's a secret: the only knowledge I have of what to look for is "something similar to the one they have already". We'll figure it out.

Now then, I said I'd come back to more things about the party at Jen's mom's today, yes? I'm still kind of conflicted, because I too could most likely have just dealt with being awake from 10am, and I have been told several times since then that it's alright that I don't / didn't want to go, but still... For one, the birthday party proper wouldn't have started until at least 1pm. From what I understand, heading over there so early would've been done because that's the absolute latest Linda could have left to pick Jen / the two of us up. Must have something to do with cleaning or preparations or somesuch. For two, as I said above, Jen's likely to still be out by the time I leave for work, and that'll be at 4. Five hours is a considerable stretch of time, but at least for me, I suppose I could've kept myself occupied in the event of boredom. Through our two consecutive date nights last week, I've acquired two new 3DS games - New Super Mario Bros. 2, and Kirby: Triple Deluxe - as well as a couple more crossword books, in addition to the several I have already. Simply put, I would've had things to keep me busy. There is still a third and final reason that was part of my decision not to go, though. For a while now, I've been told every so often about this "Mark". I want to say he has some sort of developmental disability, and therefore is extremely chatty. While I don't care one way or the other about that, I do care when I'm told multiple times that I'm sure to be the exclusive topic / target of his questioning. I suppose I can't avoid it forever, and I don't feel that I'm actually trying to, but... some other time, please? I'm not a particularly talkative person as is.

So that's pretty much what's going on today. Orlando and I are closing again, and hopefully we'll have a less busy night than yesterday (from ~11pm to ~3am, we had about ten minutes total where there were no customers in the drive through at all), and it will be nice to have time to actually do things at home. I need to clean the fan that's out here in the living room. Unscrew the covers, rinse those in the shower, then wipe the blades with a damp cloth... We also need to take some time on Tuesday or Wednesday to properly steam clean the mattress and crevices in the bedroom. I'm still managing with my routine of falling asleep on the floor in the living room, and relocating to the bedroom whenever I wake up again, but the sheet that's covering the mattress is starting to get quite a few noticeable spots on it, and I'm starting to notice a bug or two here and there even when it's just daylight out. We have a working steam cleaner, and a mattress cover to go with it. All we need now is to have some time where we're both not doing anything, to just go in there and get that work done and over with. I feel like if I were still living at home (minus the bugs), this is right about the time of year I'd reorganize my bedroom. I could in theory do that just as well here and now, especially if our portable air conditioner is to be hooked up, but then the bed won't be in front of the window, and... I haven't decided yet.

I suppose I'm going to go back to other things now though. Play Kirby some more, continue watching videos on Youtube (my newest thing is videos of lockpicking - bosnianbill in particular), perhaps give Butters a scoop early, and then be off to work. An hour should be just long enough~