June 25th, 2014

Where Do These Come From?

It *is* ~12:40 already, and I *do* intend to go to Heart and Stroke today, but still, let's take a moment to briefly (or not so briefly) recount two short but bleeding weird dreams I had last night. Jen's also still asleep, I might add, and I don't want to wake her up just so I can tell her about them.

In the first, we were out here in the living room doing things as normal. It was later at night, and Jen was over doing things on her computer, while I was listening to music from some game at a rather loud volume on mine, and then there were noises from the hallway. Now, the way it actually goes on occasion is the people across the hall will start shouting and get into a heated argument and be generally unpleasant. What happened in the dream was something else though. There was a man's voice shouting something incomprehensible, as well as a kind of static-y noise. My dream state interpreted as the noise of shelves being tipped over / things being thrown around in that apartment, but in the hallway right outside our door instead, and it honestly scared me a little. It wasn't like the guy's anger was directed to whomever else was in that apartment, but just toward anybody in the area, and as such, he could easily have chosen to target us instead. The sounds just kept getting worse though, so I really started wondering and worrying what I could do. At some point during the dream / after I woke up slightly from it, I envisioned myself stepping out into the hallway and locking the door behind me, but who knows what that would accomplish. Anyway, I did wake up, after the static noise kept getting worse and worse, and you know what it ended up being? The fan at the end of the bed. I must've been moving around enough to come out of my sleep just enough to start hearing that noise, which of course got louder the more awake I got, eventually reaching that point in the dream, where I woke up entirely. Still quite unsettling, and after laying in bed for a bit and realizing it was just a dream, I came out here to stay with Jen for a few minutes, as the idea of that actually *happening* and her just being asleep on the couch was bothersome.

So that's one. Not entirely sure what might have prompted it, but whatever.

In the second, I was at work. Though I didn't *see* him at first, it felt like I was closing with Orlando, which makes sense considering he's almost always closing. There were no customers, and pretty much everything was caught up, so I was just standing looking out into the dining room, when I saw it. A van slowly drive in (yes, as in into the dining room) from the right, and ever so slowly continue driving through. Thinking about it now, the idea / feeling was kind of one of that they wanted to get some food, but when they saw that all the lights out there were turned off (which they were), they assumed we were closed, and kept driving. But that's where it gets better. They kept driving, and at the same slow pace, went straight through the window. I could hear the sound of it shattering and everything, but thinking once again, that was probably just noise from the fan transferring into the dream. I could see Orlando out in the dining room by that point, and we immediately started to freak out a bit as to what we should do. The idea of taping garbage bags up over the window crossed my mind, but that image was quickly replaced by something completely different. We were still at work, on the same night and such, but it was a little while later. We'd evidently decided to make the best of the situation, and were serving customers in the dining room even though it was after 11. I try to think about how I would react if that were to actually happen too, and I feel like I'd be more worried about just what to do with the window at the end of the night, but in the dream, I was far more annoyed with people being in the dining room and whatnot. They were so smug and unaware of how lucky they were.

Getting away from dreams now, there are other proper things going on today, but I still feel like I don't have much to say as I woke up only an hour ago. I'll be leaving for Heart and Stroke at about quarter-to, and hopefully actually have some work to do today (Michele was sick yesterday), and will stay there 'til 4. Normally 5, but I want to go to Giant Tiger for an item I saw in their flyer last night, then it's back home to shower and get all ready to go out for supper, because I got a message from Mom yesterday to say that Adam and Trish wanted to meet us at Glitters when Adam got done work. That didn't happen, because we didn't have enough time to prepare, or arrange having Conner watched with Jen's mom, but tonight is looking better, and that would be nice. After that, I hope we could go over there for a bit, because when I was there last week, they requested to borrow a Wii, and I have that all packed up now. I think the only thing I really dislike about today is how it's my second and last day off before heading back to work for 5 closes. I'm sure they'll be fine, but... I want time to do other things. Jen was taking a nap yesterday evening (around 5pm, which is understandable because she's had to get up really early several days in a row now), and I wanted to do something productive, so what did I decide on? Got the steam cleaner filled up and plugged in, and went to work on the mattress in the bedroom. Nearly four hours later, I'd killed close to ~60 bugs, and could really not believe I'd still been sleeping on that bed. Yes, it's good that I can manage, but watching them shoot out of the crevices my feet and hands would hang over was not pleasant. Despite all that as well, the room is still not clean to the point where Jen feels comfortable falling asleep in there yet, and so, on some day in the future, we're just going to clean. She suggested waking up at ~11 so we could just have the full day, and if that's what needs to happen, so be it. At this point, I wouldn't mind packing up all the electronics / videogame stuff / whatever else, transferring as much furniture as possible to the balcony, continuing to clean on a regular basis, and leaving it that way until we move. Such thoughts will have to come another day though, as we're getting to the time now where I should wake Jen up (she has stuff to do today too), and get on with the day. Maybe by the next time I write, I'll be able to say bugs have been taken care of. That would be... wonderful...