July 30th, 2014

Always Check the Power Settings...

I think having really taken to browsing /r/4chan in Thunderbird lately is starting to influence the way my thoughts come together just a bit, because I want to tell this story about recent laptop difficulties this way:

Collapse )

...yeah. I like the directness of that style of "writing", but it's certainly different. That about sums up everything up to now though. I'm going to be putting at least half my next pay toward paying for that, and cover the rest with our pay after that, but otherwise, I have a new laptop. Yay. This one's still in decent working order, I guess, but I was notified last night that the reason one of the hinges is kind of funny is because the hinge screw has completely snapped out, and I haven't even looked into why it'll just turn off if handled the wrong way. I anticipate it being at least a month before I've become accustomed to Windows 8 and transferred all the data from this laptop over anyway, so... it'll be a process. I suppose that's something else ongoing to keep me occupied. The bedroom is depressingly empty now that everything's out of there, and for all I know, that could be directly influencing some of the actual emotional state. There are still some things to be boxed yet, sure, but otherwise, it's being used exclusively for storage.

I should probably wrap this up soon though, because the update has just now asked to restart again, so I want to see what happens there. Perhaps the next time I write in here, it'll be from in Windows 8. That would be kind of neat~