August 2nd, 2014

On Work and Creepy People

It's only 2:30, so I have some time to write, right? We're supposed to be going shopping later this afternoon (probably around 4 or 4:30), after we were originally supposed to go on Wednesday, only to have plans change, then it's off to work from 7 - close, which I suppose will be a shorter shift than starting at 5:00 yesterday. In regards to work, I know times past that the more I complain about it to myself or to other people, the less likely I am to actually do something, but ever more these days, I want to say something about Manoah, or effectively tell him to get his act together. The way I put it to Orlando last night was that I legitimately believe a large part of his work ethic is based on being able to get away with not doing things, or delegating them to other people. Fine, managers are supposed to delegate, but he closed Thursday night this week, and there was one point during that night when Tom needed some food on line, and Manoah, who was in the middle (where the hot food is kept), asked me (I was standing closer to drive through waiting for my order to be finished) to grab it for him. Another customer pulled up to the speaker right then, so I turned and went to take their order without another word, but little things like that get to me. As well, at the end of the night, there were still customers in line. Only a couple, but the second one needed a minute to decide what they wanted, as we were out of lettuce. Cue Manoah from way down at front cash yelling (actually angry yelling) at me to hurry up / hurry them up, because he was waiting. I responded that I was waiting too, and he countered with an incredulous "Excuse me?", and yeah. Honestly, I wish I could've completely switched my emotions off / set them aside, and replied back "I'm waiting too. I know we were supposed to be closed at 1:00, but every single person here who has ever closed even just once knows that we can't close until the last customer has been served and has left the drive through. Manoah, though... he's too attached to the status quo. If even the smallest thing is deviating from what he expects in a way that personally inconveniences him, his mood takes a drastic turn. I've thought about taking him aside in the office / out back or whatever and telling him "I don't like the way you work", or asking to talk to both him and Mary at the same time, but in a way, by not having said anything (so far as I know) thus far, she's just enabling him. I suppose the next logical step would be to take it to Mike (the district manager), but odds are all he'll do is tell Mary to get it sorted, and nothing will change. I know there are other people higher up than any of them that I could take such concerns to, but I also know that if I do, the first thing they'll ask is "Have you talked to the person you're having a problem with about your concerns?", and... in the end it's just easier to keep trying to not get too hung up about it. Otherwise, it's just general laziness that's getting to me. During the three hours between 5 and 8 yesterday, I was on backups. I observed (through hearing them) at least two difference instances where Mary, Manoah, and Bonnie were just standing together on line laughing and talking, instead of bothering to stock up or clean. I don't know, though. Maybe I should be happy for what positives there are. Apart from calling in on Monday, I am getting pretty decent hours, am not currently actively disliked by anybody there, and, in a really superficial way, at least have the satisfaction of doing my job right and well, instead of just putting in a minimum of effort.

On the other side of things... Last night was on a whole a decent shift. I was able to get everything done that I wanted to over supper, and working with Orlando for the first time since Sunday was a nice addition. I have something more to look forward to tonight as well, being that on our way home last night, he said me might keep Tom on drive through 'til midnight, since he already said he wouldn't be able to stay and help past then. On a weekend night, I would prefer drive through over line, because it's more of a chance to get dishes caught up, but at the same time, it's quite entertaining to see Tom get all frustrated when he has to be on drive through for longer than expected. I had a moment of personal interest last night too, when Orlando was in the office, and I went back there to see what he was doing. On the desk were some keys, and one caught my eye, for being different than the rest. At the same time I was reaching out to pick it up, I asked him "What do we need a dimple key for around here?", because indeed, it was one of those, and when I picked it up to examine it more closely, found it was actually for a Mul-T-Lock Interactive lock (possibly redundant). Surely of no great interest to anybody else there, but I've read about / seen those online, so it was quite interesting to see one in person. Further questioning (with me playing with the interactive element all the while) revealed that they were in fact his keys, and that one was to the front door of his building, which was even more interesting. This building here uses a Medeco. That doesn't come as much of a surprise, especially now that I've been paying more attention when going into places, and seeing that nearly every business around here (except for work... we're stuck with Best...) uses them, but to know that there is in fact a place in this city that uses a completely different style of lock is indeed really cool. Also, now that I've been noticing more, I like how the office downstairs gets a Schlage, and every unit (that I've noticed so far) have just some generic sort. Hell, though. For all I know, they neither notice or care, so long as it keeps the door locked. Maybe I'm just weird. Oh, and on a related note, in the same night, Orlando discovered and showed me that Mary has a good 20 spare front door keys, and a bunch of others, including keys to tubular locks, even though I've never seen one used in or around the building. Just interesting, I suppose.

As for anything else... I've told this story to Jen, Linda, and Orlando already, but I'll tell it here too, just because of what happened. On Thursday night, I was walking home from work on my own, and ended up crossing to the other side of the street. Down near 7-11, a random guy came up behind me on his bike, and said something, which I didn't hear. I turned around while saying "Sorry?", and he said "Oh, you're not Dave". Apparently this Dave is somebody he went to high school with (PURPORTEDLY), and from there to just down near the bank, he proceeded to ask me if I was bi (I told him no), tell me he was looking for some action, and that he'd heard in the past that there were several people at work (he must have noticed my bag, since it has a big logo and all) that swung both ways, and such. One would assume that from my telling him no and not really seeming interested in making conversation, he'd leave me alone, but then, just about where the steps are that you can take to walk down by the river, he asked "So, do you still wanna go f---?", and I told him no, and that I "was good". He took off after that, and I was left having a very quick walk the rest of the way home. Maybe it wouldn't be that unusual an occurrence in a larger city, but here, I have never been approached like that, and hope to never have it happen again, because... people are creepy.

I suppose otherwise though, I should finish this up, as Jen is surely waiting anxiously to read it, and we're not going to be going anywhere until she does. I'll just be sitting here, waiting for her to look over with a smile and say "Indeed"~