September 10th, 2014

The Right Sort of Day

I've had this laptop for, oh... a month let's say. In that month, I've succeeded in stumbling through getting used to Windows 8 (still not fully used to that - I dislike there being no way to edit system files, such as shell32.dll), setting up the handful of programs I use on a regular basis, and most importantly, filling my desktop with an absolute truckload of files. And it even took until just yesterday to solve an annoying issue with the keyboard and touchpad. Whenever I typed or otherwise used the keyboard, the touchpad would be disabled for a second afterward. Concerning web browsers, if I used the arrow keys to scroll through a page, and then tried to use the touchpad to do the same, I would have to click in the page for the touchpad to activate first, at which point I'm pretty sure the keyboard would stop responding, unless, say, I pressed the up key twice, if I wanted to scroll up. Annoying, to say the least, and when I was trying to play a game yesterday and discovered I wouldn't move and look around at the same time, well, you can guess. I fixed it though! Turns out there's an option in the mouse device settings (not Windows', that is) titled "SmartSense". Fully lowering the slider therein, and also disabling two finger scrolling (as I'm using a different program to emulate both that and two finger clicks, since the latter isn't an option with this touchpad), makes the annoying problem go away, and all is as it should be. The only thing now? The game I was playing yesterday has quite sharply lost its luster since I first discovered it. It's one of those ones where the appeal comes largely from not knowing everything the game has in store. So many different endings, and indeed, it's like the development team anticipated absolutely everything, including things that only a small fraction of players would think to do, but then I watched a video which showed all the secrets in it, and now that, so far as I'm concerned, I've plumbed the depths of the game, there's nothing more appealing in it. Oh, and the name of the game? The Stanley Parable. I originally discovered it via jacksepticeye's Let's Play on YouTube (awesome LPer, by the way - if you haven't heard of him before, go check a couple of his videos out!), and after waking Jen up from a sound sleep with my laughter (particuarly at the Adventure Line bit), the day or so thereafter was spent just watching videos about the game.

ANYWAY... Things about my laptop. I fixed the touchpad. Initial disassembly was slow, but helpfully, the touchpad in this one is a separate component, and I was able to clean it sufficiently with rubbing alcohol and Q-Tips. Further to the beginning of the above paragraph, I also spent most of yesterday just plopped here on the couch going through my desktop. So much music, and so many random visual styles, but it was fun. Being able to just finally take care of that all in one go, and to use the momentum from that to get on with other things that need doing as well. Today, I have the Windows partition of my previous laptop to copy files off of, then I want to go through all of those, then it could be either backups time (I really should...), or taking care of other real-world things, like cleaning up the kitchen, and taking the garbage out. It just feels like a fantastic day for such things all around though. After productivity yesterday, and a refreshing, good night's sleep, I wake up to nice, overcast skies, and the more I listen, almost surely rain outside. This is the sort of day where if I had to work, I would lament about how it would be so much nicer to just be able to stay at home. Last night, I was telling Jen it would be nice to find something to later on today, like walking to Tim Hortons for a treat, and she predictably said "We'll see", but maybe I'll end up being content just sitting here. I should probably wake her up, because she might want to go grocery shopping with her mom this afternoon, and also has an appointment to wake up quite early for tomorrow, but if I were to do that, I'd have to finish this first...

Is there anything else really pertinent to mention? The thought keeps floating around in my head that I should say something about the Sunday before last. Due to certain circumstances, it ended up being Tom and I closing on our own at work, and I was the acting manager. Would've been fine, but for the steady, large orders all night, that prevented us from getting anything done, thereby keeping us 'til ~2am, and being understaffed, which contributed to the same. My main concern is it'll have reflected badly on me, and any future decisions if the actual closing manager comes in again, but to my credit, there was very little chance to get anything done while we were open, Manoah said not to worry when I apologized the next day, and nobody has said anything since then. And amusingly, Mary is still in even more need than before to hire managers. I don't care, I suppose. Work has been going quite well lately, and that's all I particularly care about.

With that though, I should probably nudge Jen awake, then see if it's actually raining outside, because that would be really, really nice. Here's to another productive day, and to having everything I want to accomplish done by the time we lay down for bed~