March 5th, 2015

Things I Forgot About

Y'know... I had completely forgotten that Naomi had a LiveJournal account. I can't remember how I found it, and all I know now is that at some point, I found it necessary to ban her from engaging in any direct activity with my journal, because she was still there. nomilovesyou. The couple entries I've read so far are interesting, in a genuine way, but I find it curious how some of them read as if she was posting to Tumblr instead. Crossposting, perhaps? I don't know for sure, but it's something nonetheless.

So for today?...

About half an hour ago, I had pretty well given up on writing this, because it seemed that Jen wasn't going to move from her spot on the couch, sitting and reading, and I strongly dislike writing or doing anything I consider personal under those circumstances. She has since gotten up and moved on to other things though, so now I have some time here, relatively to myself, to see what comes to mind. It's overall been an uneventful day. I talked to Adam and Trish a bit in Skype earlier, we went out to Giant Tiger for more chocolate milk and kitty litter, and to the house so I could see about fixing Adam's Skype, then I've been working on backups a little, and now I'm writing. Woo. I'm hoping that now that I'm getting this - something I want to do enough that it stays on my mind - taken care of, I can more readily focus on other tasks afterward. Things like backing up my PSP games stick, and looking into what music I want to have on my PSP for going back to Heart and Stroke next week, and even backing up new Twitter activity, now that I know it's possible to do that. Speaking of Twitter...

In my last entry in here, that person who started following me as mentioned previously has a tweet up that says "Anyone feel free to talk to me". They seem like a cool person, and obviously we have some things in common, but my usual social awkwardness prevents me from saying something as simple as "What's up?" I feel like I should personally know the people I am responding to if I am to have a casual conversation online. Yay.

So... we have a new theme now. Technically not new, but it still exists, and looks more appealing than the previous one. I'm thinking that with time, I would actually like to make another theme for this. I have ideas, and there are also little tweaks I'd like to make to this one I'm using now, but both cases tend to involve alot of layer editing and page refreshing, which I don't have the time for right now. Something colorful though. That's for sure.

The only other thing I think I want to mention tonight is something new (to myself) that I learned of earlier today. It's probably not even close to a new thing that vehicles these days have an electronic, computer component, in addition to the mechanics. What I didn't know is that some small part of the electronic side is for there to be (at least) two modes the vehicle can exist in. Transport Mode, and Customer Mode. The names seem pretty self-explanatory - Customer Mode is what the vehicle is put into at the dealership, while Transport Mode is enabled while the vehicle is in transport, presumably for security. At the dealership, some models require a wiTech device to switch modes, which is kind of crazy to think about. A couple small pieces of hardware - things that easily could fit on a desk in a back office - to literally ENABLE a VEHICLE. I suppose it could just be me who sees that as a noteworthy thing, but still. It used to be just as easy as putting the key in the ignition and giving it a twist, but nowadays, as the post I found this information in says, keys are just about as useless as a banana (or some other appropriately-shaped piece of fruit, or any other object - use your imagination) when the vehicle is not in the correct mode. And that's not even getting STARTED on new keys being programmable, and seemingly in a majority of cases, even REQUIRING that. Is it just as simple as the key having a small chip embedded, which essentially contains a code, which a reader in the ignition checks, and if it matches to what is expected, the car is started? It's ever so slightly mindblowing, but that brings me to another - possibly my last - point.

I'm sure I've tried to describe this in here before, but there's this thing about encountering something new, which you don't fully understand, and trying to get your head around it (or at least there is for me). The possibilities of what COULD or MIGHT exist are absolutely staggering. Is there a word for that? I'm not sure, but if there isn't, I should try and make one up. Even just this comment about "forcing the cluster on". So the guy who made the post eventually gave the impression that the previously-mentioned wiTech hardware would be required, but does that other person's comment mean that in some cases, it's possible to force the vehicles to be enabled through less conventional means? What about referring to a "cluster"? Under normal circumstances, would vehicles be enabled one by one, or would an entire shipment of them be "turned on" all at once?

Anyway, I want to go show Jen the top comment on this video now, because I've been listening to that for literal background noise while writing this entry.

Until next time, I guess~