April 24th, 2015

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...had I not spent as much money as I did yesterday, I might consider that... A couple days ago, Butters puked on my laptop keyboard. Through a combination of compressed air, paper towels, and rubbing alcohol, I was able to get it cleaned up, but there was a catch. While I was still trying to figure out how to best deal with the mess, I thought about taking all the keys off the keyboard and giving it a proper cleaning that way. Then started with the space bar, because I remember that one being the most difficult to put back on from the first laptop I had. I messed up. After some scratches, and minor warping of soft metal, and much aggravation toward a certain cat, the most ideal fix I have has it seated properly, but a couple of the plastic clips on either side have broken off, so it only works in the middle, meaning I have to stretch my thumb kind of strangely. eBay does of course have replacement keyboards, so I could buy one of those and cross my fingers for things going better a second time, but they're ~$43 each, which is a bit much right now. See, yesterday was a pretty busy, pretty fun day, but money certainly did not go the way it usually does.

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Where money is concerned, at the beginning of the day, I had ~$460 in my savings, and ~$850 in my checking. Also, I owed ~$210 on my credit card. As of now, my savings account has been closed, so I have only checking, which is at about $250, and credit, and my credit card, which had been paid off, is now sitting at ~$340. Woo. I miss the time when going out had to wait until the week after I'd been paid. At least then, it felt like my money was lasting a bit longer.

As for today, there isn't too much going on yet, but I would like to have my leftovers from last night and do whatever over here for a bit. Perhaps hook up the WiiU and play the game I got yesterday. I really should~