July 31st, 2015

An Entry in Pictures (for Real This Time)

It's been a busy day. I guess that's only to be expected with how close the 2nd is getting, but I've done alot, and there's still alot to do. At least I can say I've been enjoying it for the most part.

It may not be a terribly big list, but the following is what I've done today:

a. Worked on Flight Rising. I'm having ever more of a dilemma about giving away everything that I have on there now, and I've even started to wonder if Jen will still be into the game...
b. Ate breakfast, consisting of four slices of toast with margarine and Armella (Dollarama's knockoff of Nutella, because I'm too cheap to buy the actual stuff) on
c. Went to Heart and Stroke to meet with Michele, who completely forgot to email me, or that I was coming, period. We still had a nice talk though, and I learned for one and for all when I was hired there: February 13th, 2003. Twelve years I've been there...
d. Went to the bank to get money, since payday finally came
e. Started working on making new DVD cases, since the more I looked at and played with the others, the more discontent I was with them, and felt I could do better
f. Was part of a family discussion with everybody about contributing a bit more money toward bills. For me, $40 every month which isn't too bad
g. Handmade another envelope, and wrote by hand an almost four page letter to give to Jen on the 2nd
h. Spent a most inefficient half hour or so moving stuff back out to the living room and upstairs, depending on where I wanted it
i. Took a bunch of pictures, and quite a few screenshots of stuff I made
j. Started writing an entry where I was going to post said pictures inline, and realized that I just don't like the way inline pictures look. Again, I'm weird

Item J being said, I still have all the pictures uploaded to my PhotoBucket account. Would you like to see? Pay close attention to the folder name for some of them, because I'm slightly astonished with how much I've come around to the word, considering the association it used to hold for me.

Collapse )

Is it at all weird that a nicely-ordered list like that looks so much more pleasing to me than even the nicest of embedded images? Regardless, I suppose, now I'm not sure of what else to say. That really does cover most of what's gone on and what I've done today. The only things I haven't written about are getting into Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks recently, and a couple songs that I'm listening to far too much but which I keep getting that itch for:

Mayhem - The Sound
NegaRen - D.A.A.N.A.C.C.E.
The Queenstons - Our Special Place
Mayhem - Eggs

I also unintentionally listened to almost the entirety of Because Maybe earlier, and liked alot of what I heard, and it wasn't until I switched back to Google Chrome that I noticed it was created under the Renard alias, whose music I wasn't too much a fan of before. I still wouldn't say I am, because I remember most of theirs being more aggressive than I cared for, but perhaps I'm coming around.

But... yeah. Do I just wrap this up and go to bed now? It is almost 1:30am, after all. And I have things to do tomorrow. Go to the copy place for one sheet of red paper, and one sheet of black if they have it, finish up the last DVD case so those can be ready for Linda, go to Value Village to look for a shirt and a hat, come home, do a daily thing for the third-last day that I'll be doing it, as its deadline is the 2nd, and at some point after that, be off to work. Tomorrow night differs from the norm somewhat, in that Sara, Orlando, and I are closing, instead of Orlando, Tom, and myself, and I'm kind of really hoping that Sara will agree to be on drive thru so I can work line and try to have another night like last Saturday before getting on with my - and eventually our - special weekend. I need to start thinking about items to put on a list of things to do after work on Saturday too, because I don't trust myself to remember everything then. Everything is contained to a couple select locations, but there's still going to be some work involved in getting it all together. And I need to ask mom for an insulated bag to keep the cold stuff cold. Hmm...

I'll worry about all of that tomorrow. For right now, I like the way this entry has gone overall, and it feels fitting to end it right here. Perhaps if I have time, I'll post one more before Sunday with pictures of all the other stuff I have for Jen and Conner. Maybe~