Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Sure Enough...

Mom has once again been called and told not to come into work tonight, because someone's sick or something (or so I gathered from her asking "Really? What's wrong with him?", meaning that I'll once again be getting a ride to work.

But one more night tonight, then tomorrow off, but I have to go to Heart and Stroke, although I suppose considering I'll have plenty of time to go back to bed when I get home, I have no reason to complain. And I'm also to call them now if I can't come in on a particular week, as opposed to emailing Michele. That's fine. It is much more convenient to just email her, but meh. However, Monday morning (as in getting-home-from-work morning), I sent her one to ask if she wanted me to come in this week. No reply until almost 5:00 this afternoon. What did she say? "Come in Wednesday if you can."

Umm... yes. I asked you if you wanted me to come in this week, which meant Wednesday, because that's the only day you want me to come in for now. A simple "Yes, please", or "No, but..." would've been quite sufficient. I know it's really a trivial thing to get annoyed about, but it's just one of those little things that gets to me :s

Oh, and as for asking Josh if he wanted me to buy a copy of Burnout Legends for him, his current answer is no, because "It costs $20 for shipping". Heh. Out of the few I looked at before I sent him the email, one was going for $14.95 (US), with shipping to Canada being $9. I don't like letting whoever borrow my games (even him). Although it sort of feels wrong to say, I don't feel like I can trust him to return it in the same condition it was before. At least after seeing the way he treats his games :\ Perhaps it's a bit obsessive, but oh well~

Perhaps tomorrow will be more exciting :3

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