March 4th, 2018

Proving I Did Something

It's not nearly the end of the day yet, but past this point I just intend to sit and force myself to relax with whatever. It's not the day I was expecting it to be, as I got completely sucked into a random task mid-afternoon, which took me much longer than expected in the end to complete, but ultimately, I'm glad I did it, and I just hope I can find the same sort of emotional motivation next weekend to tackle the next step.

What I actually did was went through a bin of stuff that had sat largely untouched since I moved in here, and ultimately sorted all of that out, as well as organized all of my paper files and government mailings. Whenever I get there, I want to go to Commercial Copy Center to buy and and attempt to make an envelope for all of my small things from going to visit Dan so many times before.

I threw away a good bit of stuff as well, but nothing of importance, and also found a fair few things - mostly from Jen - that I had forgotten about, which have been filed away in their own special place.

Originally, before all of that, I was planning to just try to chill out (as in a little bit of alcohol) in the afternoon, then walk some way up to Mom and Dad's to drop some DVDs and cookies off to Mom, then up to Wendys for supper, because their promotional burger and baked potato look amazing, then just resume whatever else for the rest of the night, but I couldn't.

Productivity and alcohol didn't mix in my mind for one thing, and dropping movies and cookies off to Mom was rendered moot when I decided I didn't have the money for Wendys this weekend after all, plus, I'm going over there tomorrow to do my laundry one more time, now that Theo's back with Adam and Trish.

I also want to do something proper different with whatever next day off if I am to go get that special supper, but for now, that's going to require reaching out and seeing what's available.

I'm not sure what else to say, but I guess I could divulge that I'm still planning a trip up to 7-11 when I'm done writing this. Some snacks from there will still be nice. Tomorrow marks the beginning of another week of work and not having this time to myself, so I intend to enjoy these few hours while they last~